Yuna (ITZY) is taken into account to be new generation’s beauty goddess

Yuna (ITZY) is considered the top visual of the new generation. The image of the 18-year-old singer with long black hair is widely shared on social networks

Appearing within the music night of K:ontact 3 and a variety of recent programs, Yuna (ITZY) caught the eye of her increasingly attractive beauty. The image of a female idol with long black hair may be a hot topic on community sites in Korea. many of us think that Yuna has returned to the height of her beauty after a period of hairstyles that don’t suit her.

Close-up gifs of the feminine idol born in 2003 were shared on forums and received many compliments from netizens. Yuna features a small oval face, straight nose, sexy mouth, and particularly big round eyes.

At the age of 18, Yuna is 1.7 meters taller and encompasses a toned, sexy body. Her poor-quality snapshots also attracted great attention from fans.

Korean netizens think that Yuna will follow within the footsteps of her seniors like Suzy, Tzuyu (TWICE) to become the new generation’s beauty goddess of Kpop

At the time of her debut in 2019, Yuna attracted attention because of her charismatic charisma and outstanding red hair. many of us liken her to a mermaid from fairy tales.

At the tip of 2019, Yuna changes to a hairstyle with short, thick bangs above her eyebrows. Fans believe that the above hairstyle makes Yuna’s face rounder and fewer attractive. Many fans criticized JYP for selecting a hairstyle that wasn’t suitable for the feminine idol, making Yuna less beautiful than when she debuted with ITZY.

Sharing the rationale for cutting bangs, Yuna said she features a mature appearance, so she always feels older than girls of identical age. Since the feminine idol wanted to seem younger, Yuna’s family discussed with the corporate about changing her hairstyle

After quite a year, Yuna has returned to her original hairstyle. Korean audiences believe that this is often the hairstyle that best matches her countenance. Not only beautiful, but Yuna also encompasses a sexy body, good dancing skills, and pretty solid live singing ability. She is taken into account the foremost prominent name for the title “beauty goddess” among the 4th generation female idols.

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