You must watch these dramas of Woo Do Hwan!

Cover - You must watch these dramas of Woo Do Hwan!

You must watch these dramas of Woo Do Hwan! I believe this list will make so many Korean drama fans excited! Can you guess it?

Woo Do Hwan‘s character within the latest drama series The King: Eternal Monarch captured the hearts of many. His role was King Gon’s childhood friend Jo Yeong and was the easy-going counterpart of Jo Eun-seob.

Woo Do Hwan may be a total scene-stealer on every episode weekly. The producers of the drama series even called Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwan “soulmates” since they showed such incredible chemistry. Their great partnership made each scene start-up at its best.

At the age of 27 years old, Woo Do Hwan appeared in many drama series and films for the past 3 years. His educational background gave him a grip as he finished a significant in performance and film at Dankook University which helped him refine his craft.

During an interview last year, he revealed that he entered the industry together with his professor’s encouragement. He also shared how he kept a diary of his journey through acting since he was 20. When asked what roles does he favor play, he answered that he actually prefers more substantial characters over the sweet handsome type role.

Here’s a listing of Woo Do Hwan‘s must-watch K-dramas:

Save Me (2017)

Based on a webtoon hit “Out of the World,” the suspense-thriller drama series “Save Me” explores the issue of religious cult and family concerns. Woo Do Hwan played well in this movie as he stood out again with his intense gaze and smooth action skills.

Mad Dog (2017)

Woo Do Hwan plays another lead role with romance on the side with actress Ryu Hwa Young. His role is a genius swindler and solving a crime that involves his family after an airplane crash. A combination of comedy, romance, and action. Woo Do Hwan‘s good body built shows he prepared for his role. Flat abs, a strong chest, and a handsome face.

The Great Seducer (2018)

A romance drama about true love and friendship. The story is somewhat similar to the American film Cruel Intentions (1999). It’s about friends betting over a girl’s response to Woo Do Hwan‘s intentions.

My Country: New Age (2019)

This is Woo Do Hwan‘s first role in a historical setting, wearing hanbok and still nailing it. A story of 2 childhood friends who have been torn apart as their country’s ongoing war. Although he plays as the second lead – he made his part one of the best scenes to watch.

The next drama series to tune in until we all see him back onscreen as they are negotiating the final cast. The title of the series is “Hero” to broadcast under OCN.

For those who missed Woo Do Hwan‘s remarkable character in “The King: Eternal Monarch” please check the scene and together we agree how endearing he can be.

You must watch these Woo Do Hwan‘s dramas! Don’t forget to catch up with the latest Korean entertainment news with us every day!