You maybe admire the bromance between Park Bo-gum and BTS’s V

the bromance between BTS’s V and Park Bo-gum

Take a look at the bromance between Park Bo-gum and BTS’s V. You will feel amazing with their friendship in Korean entertainment!

Park Bo-gum is a famous South Korean actor and MC who is extremely well-known to fans along with his friendly and warm attitude. Park Bo-gum contains a very distinctive smile and charm.

Likewise, Taehyung, or commonly called V, who may be a member of the favored South Korean boy band BTS, is additionally o.k. known for being cheerful and really friendly. The friendship between these two celebrities certainly makes fans enthusiastic due to the similarity between them.

Having similar careers as a part of the entertainment world within the Land of Ginseng, South Korea, whether it’s in K-Pop or K-Drama, gives a chance for celebrities to induce to understand one another. Even so, not everyone can become familiar and be close friends. this can be different from the friendship relations between K-Pop actors and idols. within the midst of their busy time acting for Park Bo-gum, and BTS’s V who was on an American tour, they showed their closeness by happening a visit to Jeju Island.

V, or the real names Kim Tae-hyung, once told the story about the start of his friendship with Park Bo-gum, as reported by Allkpop, Sunday (23/4), because both of them often met during a music program where Park Bo-gum was the MC of the program. “We met because he became the MC of the music piece of music Bank. At that point, we exchanged telephone numbers. Because we frequently communicate, we realized that we are suitable and share identical hobbies,” said V.

#FriendshipGoals! Let’s try Park Bo-gum and BTS’ V’s Moments

Taking a selfie backstage when Park Bo-gum was still the MC of Music Bank

They also support each other’s careers.

An example is when Park Bo-gum’s drama titled Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is airing, V doesn’t forget to present his support via Twitter.

Through the BTS Twitter account, V promotes the series Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. within the photo he has uploaded, V appears posing with Park Bo-gum. additionally, he has also uploaded an ad for Park Bo-gum’s character in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

“Don’t forget to look at it at 10 pm on KBS,” reads V’s promotion of the series. Besides that, he also added the “premiere” tag, “Monday-Tuesday” and “today”.

Spending time together at LOTTE World

Park Bo-gum and Taehyung also spent time together at LOTTE World. It’s really exciting!

In the midst of their busy days, they still manage to spare your time for a hangout together.

Fans often call them TaeGum, because their friendship is absolutely adorable.

Even though they’re already extremely popular and famous, amazingly, they still prefer to use public transportation.

Well, both of them are seen watching a Big Bang concert.

At Music Bank in Singapore

Park Bo-gum and BTS’s V show Their Closeness at Music Bank in Singapore

The familiarity between Park Bo-gum and V again became the middle of the attention of the fans. a pair of friends who are busy with their respective activities seem very happy to finally be able to meet and even work an analogous event again.

It was known, on Friday (04/05), the opus Bank from KBS held its show in Singapore as a series of world tours. variety of K-Pop idols were attending and made their performances at the event, including BTS.

In addition, Park Bo-gum was once more held as a permanent host with Red Velvet’s Irene during this series of tours. That way, V and Park Bo-gum had the chance to satisfy while doing their jobs entertaining fans in Singapore.

Although previously, there have been many fans who uploaded photos of them together, the 2 met at the airport, but now Park Bo-gum directly shared their familiarity or often called bromance through his official Twitter account.

In the uploaded photo, V is seen embracing Park Bo-gum and both have the identical style, the ‘v ’pose with two fingers. together with this photo, the 24-year-old guy also wrote because of Singapore fans.

#MUSICBANKinSG Pretty surprised by the fervent cheering and also such a lot grateful for the love and support of all the fans in Singapore,” wrote Park Bo-gum. This post has also been retweeted by the official Twitter account of BTS.

Park Bo-gum and BTS’s V Enjoy Their Spring Holiday on Jeju Island

Two friends with different occupations, actor Park Bo-gum and Kim Tae-hyung, or better known by his anonym V, from the boy band BTS, again showed their closeness.

Through photos released by the official BTS Twitter account, V and Park Bo-gum are seen enjoying their respite on Jeju Island. Both look relaxed and casual with simple clothes within the sort of shirts and shirts. Their hair is left plain without extra arrangements like after they act ahead of fans.

Funny thing is, these four photos show the similarities between V and Park Bo-gum’s expressions in every shot. within the first photo, both of them are seen tiptoeing behind an outsized red flower while tilting their heads ahead of the camera. within the second photo, Park Bo-gum and V interchange the center of the canola flower field while opening their mouths.

In the third and fourth photos, V and Park Bo-gum, who changed their outfit to reminder maroon and white, stand against the canola garden background, but with a winking expression. After that, the 2 pose from the side, as if they’re gazing at a rock ahead of them.

Park Bo-gum and V also uploaded their vacation videos from Jeju. Making ARMY (BTS fans) get carried away!

Park Bo-gum and BTS’s V Watch Big Bang’s Concert Together

Bangtan Boys’ loyal fans certainly know that V includes a close friend among the popular Korean actors. it’s Park Bo-gum, one among the actors near V, who often hangs out with the “Blood Sweat & Tears” singer.

Close friends, V and Park Bo-gum are seen taking their time to look at a concert together. Both of them seemed absorbed within the music while attending the large Bang concert that was held in Seoul, on Saturday (7/1).

As if showing closeness, V and Park Bo-gum were also matched wearing black clothes once they came to the large Bang concert. within the photo uploaded by fans, V is seen wearing a black jacket combined with an identical color hat.

Meanwhile, Park Bo-gum casually wears a coat of the identical color as his best friend’s jacket. Both of them also look serious at the cool stage action that G-Dragon and his friends displayed.

Certainly, the presence of V and Park Bo-gum immediately attracted the eye of fans who immediately photographed them. Wow, they’re true Big Bang’s loyal fans, V and Park Bo-gum.

Friendship Goals!

To Support V, Park Bo-gum Attends BTS’ Concerts in Seoul

Park Bo-gum and one of all the BTS members, V, are indeed referred to as very close friends. To support his friend, Park Bo-gum came to the BTS concert that was recently held in Seoul.

Quoted from AllKpop, on Monday (11/12/2017), Park Bo-gum was seen enjoying a BTS concert titled ‘2017 Trilogy Episode III of The Wings Tour’ The Final’. rather like other BTS fans, Park Bo-gum is seen holding the official BTS lightstick together with the slogan.

Park Bo-gum and V are already called close friends. Not infrequently both of them often make plans to travel on vacation together.

Other than Park Bo-gum, several other popular Korean artists, like Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-sik, and SNSD’s Yoona, also watched the concert to support BTS.

The excitement of BTS and Park Bo-gum within the Latest CF of Coke Korea!

The handsome South Korean actor Park Bo-gum and members of the boy band BTS look cool and handsome within the latest CF Coca Cola Korea.

BTS, who have just joined the brand of refreshing drinks show their charisma in their CF that was released only in the near past. within the video, it appears that each one of the BTS members, who are gargling on the sting of the pool enjoys the stinging weather within the summer. Then the actor, who was born in 1993, comes with a box containing the refreshing drink.

Unable to resist the temptation of the drink, finally all BTS members seem happy and luxuriate in a bottle of Coke this summer. After this CF was released, many responses came both for BTS and Park Bo-gum. Not some have said that Park Bo-gum appears like he’s the 8th member of BTS. Although it’s only a joke, many fans just like the interaction between the 2 parties.

In addition, Park Bo-gum and BTS’s V indeed have a really good friendship. Both of them once hosted a program at one of the South Korean music shows together and enjoyed a beautiful holiday together in Jeju.


BTS Taehyung and Park Bo-gum bromance cute moments compilation

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