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Cover - You Are My Hero Chinese drama Review and Watch Online

Today, Xenews will show You Are My Hero Chinese drama Review! Are you excited and expected to this interesting drama? Get ready with us!      

You Are My Hero Chinese drama fearlessly narrated the presence of affection and responsibilities is feasible with a forbearing heart.

The drama successfully portrayed the struggles of affection amid accomplishing duties.

Main Cast: Sandra Ma | Bai Jing Ting
Supporting Cast: Chen Hao | Jiang Pei Yao | Wayne Wang | Zhang Yao
Thrill/Addictive Meter: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4/5 
Rewatch Value: 3.5/5
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You Are My Hero Quick Plot Recap

Having both their loyalty in their jobs, Mi-Ka and Xing Ke-Lei do well in accomplishing their duties. Mi-Ka works passionately as a doctor, and badly wants to explore neurosurgery more. Meanwhile, Xing Ke-Lei may be a policeman and called the captain of the Tiger Assault Team.

Opening the drama, Mi-Ka was taken as a hostage at a jewelry store. Being a soft woman, Mi-Ka was so scared especially when she was holding a bomb, however, Ke-Lei saved her but only his eyes are seen.

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Time passes by, Mi-Ka was assigned to undergo a fitness education program and emergency lessons. During her training, Ke-Lei recognized Mi-Ka, but Mi-Ka isn’t acquainted with him.

Ke-Lei was rude initially, but as they continue their training, he got fascinated by Mi-Ka and made efforts thus far her. Later on, Mi-Ka also fell smitten with Ke-Lei and strives hard to stay in their relationship while fulfilling their duties.

You Are My Hero Peak Points

Well Written Story

Many of you’ll have watched dramas where the feminine lead falls smitten with a soldier. However, I’m impressed how you’re My Hero maintained a balanced genre.

The chemistry of Mi-Ka and Ke-Lei radiates a mature relationship, and that they went through the phases of being colleagues, friends, and lovers.

Their first encounter of Mi-Ka and Ke-Lei isn’t the cliche type wherein the feminine drops her books and therefore the male lead suddenly falls crazy together with her.

I can say that you simply are my Hero’s plot introduced the lead characters using the foremost unexpected way. When Mi-Ka and Ke-Lei first met, we are able to sense their passion for doing their jobs. This ends up in the formation of sway on what quiet relationship they might have.

Dedicated Hearts of Mi-Ka and Ke-Lei

You are my Hero portrays the loyalty of Mi-Ka and Ke-Lei to their duties. Mi-Ka strives hard to belong in their hospital’s neurosurgery department. She studies hard not just to excel in her profession but rather to assist the people in need.

In the drama, when there was an earthquake, the team of Ke-Lei immediately went there to assist save people. Mi-Ka also volunteered to allow medications to the folks that had injuries.

During this point, although they wanted to speak, they’re both busy doing their responsibilities, and therefore the most beautiful part is that they understand each other’s job.

Ke-Lei also approved Mi-Ka to coach abroad although they got separated for 2 years. When Mi-Ka returned home, she wanted to surprise Ke-Lei but got into trouble.

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Being a policeman, Ke-Lei yet again saves Mi-Ka. Later on, Ke-Lei proposed to Mi-Ka within the training camp, where they met again.

You Are My Hero Series Musings

The most I really like about you’re my Hero is that it got many lessons, especially the way to juggle career and personal life.

When asked, many folks choose their career over love because honestly, some people can’t commit with the 2. However, the story of Mi-Ka and Ke-Lei show positively that career and love can add both ways.

Their support for every other strengthens their relationship together with their deep understanding. you’re My Hero also taught me that if two people want to create their relationship work, then they’d make sacrifices.

I felt that it’s challenging to be in an exceedingly relationship with a busy person, because it’s provided that most of his time is consumed by his/her work. However, if the mindset of the person focuses on goodies, then they’ll overcome it.

Mi-Ka and Ke-Lei have different jobs, but they need the identical objective, which is to save lots of people. In the end, they continued their commitment to their duties as a policeman and a doctor. Happily, they also committed they’d continue each other’s side for a protracted time.

All in all, this drama teaches to to not be afraid to like and nurture a career because true love knows the way to deeply understand.

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