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Yoo Ah In, Won Jin Ah, and Park Jung Min will appear in a new series by “Train to Busan” director

Yoo Ah In, Won Jin Ah, and Park Jung Min will appear in a new series by “Train to Busan” director

A star-studded cast, including Yoo Ah-In, Won Jin-Ah, Park Jung-Min, and more confirmed for new Netflix original series!

Previously, the three actors had been in talks for a film directed by the “Train to Busan” director Yeon Sang-Ho named “Hell,” and now the project has turned into a Netflix original series with the same name.

“Hell” is set in a society where humans face a supernatural phenomenon that could be a miracle or a curse, and it depicts the human-made hell created to overcome hell-like reality. The film will be produced by Lezhin Studio, the production company behind the tvN drama “The Cursed,” which was written by director Yeon Sang-Ho as well.

Kim Hyun-Joo and Kim Shin-Rok and Lee-Re

The other actors who will be starring in the drama are Yang Ik-Joon, Kim Hyun-Joo, Kim Do-Yoon, Kim Shin-Rok, Ryu Kyung-Soo, and Lee Re.

Yoo Ah In, who has created unforgettable strong characters in his past productions, will play the role of Jung Jin-Soo, the head of the emerging religion “Saejinrihoe,” who explains that the phenomenon of the grim reaper of hell is a sign of god.

Park Jung-Min, who solidified his position as a mainstream actor by portraying many unique roles, is expected to give a tense performance as Bae Young Jae, a broadcaster who delves into the truth. Kim Hyun Joo, who showed her professional acting skills through both bright and serious roles, will take the role of lawyer Min Hye in, who stands up against “Saejinrihoe” and the group of people who are brainwashed by it.

Won Jin-Ah will play Bae Young Jae’s wife Song So-Hyun, and Yang Ik-Joon will act as Jin Kyung Hoon, a detective in charge of investigating the appearance of the grim reaper from hell. Kim Do-Yoon will show off the insane charisma of a member of the brainwashed group, whereas Kim Shin-Rok will act as Park Jung-Ah, a mother who was suddenly sentenced to hell in front of her young children.

Ryu Kyung Soo takes the role of a priest who thinks and acts only for the revival of the “Saejinrihoe,” and Lee Re will appear as Jin Hee Jung, the daughter of detective Jin Kyung Hoon.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming series?

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