What happened to the Wonder Girls members after their disbandment?

Cover - What happened to the Wonder Girls members after their disbandment?

What happened to the Wonder Girls members after their disbandment? Are you surprised and expected to know that? 

‘I want nobody, nobody but you. I need nobody, nobody but you~’

If you’re singing along while reading it, you’ve got it right! We’re visiting to discuss the famous second-generation K-pop girl group, Wonder Girls! whether or not you’re not really into K-pop, you want to a minimum of having heard Wonder Girls’ 2008 hit song, Nobody, which charted at number #76 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making Wonder Girls the primary K-pop group to enter the chart.

A brief introduction for people who don’t comprehend them: Wonder Girls was a woman group founded by JYP Entertainment. The group debuted with the one Irony, and five members in February 2007: Yeeun, Sunye, Sunmi, Hyuna, and Sohee. Before the discharge of their debut studio album, The Wonder Years (2007), Yubin was introduced to the band following Hyuna’s departure. The album spawned the hit single Tell Me, which overcame on- and offline music charts in Korea.

Wonder Girls officially announced its disbandment in 2017 after being within the industry since 2007. Most of their former members are now still active and pursuing careers as solo artists. Wonder Girls’ disbandment also put them on the list of second-generation girl groups that have already disbanded, following Miss A, 2NE1, 4Minute, Sistar, and so on.

In this article, Channel-Korea is going to be providing you everything you would like to understand about Wonder Girls members’ solo activities after the group’s disbandment. So, stay tuned!

Yubin’s Solo Activities

Cover - What happened to the Wonder Girls members after their disbandment?

First, let’s get to grasp Yubin’s solo activities! Not only a former member of the girl group, but she’s also a tremendous singer, rapper, songwriter, and actress!

In April 2018, she revealed in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine that she was recording her first solo album. On May 15, 2018, JYP Entertainment confirmed that she had finished filming the lead single’s music video, which was scheduled to be released alongside her album in early June. Yubin’s first solo album, City Woman, released the lead single Girl on June 5, 2018.

The B-side single, City Lover, was unreleased because of copyright issues after it came out that the album would be delayed because of similarities with the Japanese city pop song Plastic Love, by Mariya Takeuchi in 1984.

Yubin also released her first EP, #TUSM, on November 27, 2018, with the lead single Thank U Sooo Much.

In April 2019, Yubin served as a judge for the JTBC dance competition broadcast Stage K.

On October 30, 2019, she released her third single album, Start of the top, together with the lead single picture, featuring Yoon Mi-rae.

Regarding Wonder Girls’ disbandment, Yubin expressed her feelings about the dissolution of the group.

“When Wonder Girls could last for 10 years, I gained plenty of experience. I spent my 20s as a part of the Wonder Girls. I felt happiness, anger, love, and pleasure. it absolutely was the foremost special moment on behalf of me and through that point, I always grateful,” said Yubin. “Because the members spoke sincerely, we all wanted a replacement beginning and every folk wanted to explore the music we wanted. We made a choice and supported one another, so we all worked hard then,” added Yubin.

“For 10 years, we focused on the group. We could have continued as a gaggle but when reprimand one another, we actually wanted a brand new start. We thought we could work harder that way and that we made a call after a protracted talk. And now, all members do well. It’s a touch sad, but disbanding are a few things I don’t regret,” concluded Yubin.

Well, good luck on your new journey, Yubin!

Hyerim’s Solo Activities

Pic 2 - What happened to the Wonder Girls members after their disbandment?

Next, we’ve got Hyerim! On January 26, 2017, it absolutely was revealed that after contract renewal talks with a number of its members failed, Wonder Girls would be disbanding. Hyerim was one of all JYP Entertainment representatives who extended her contract with the agency.

As a part of JYP Entertainment’s JYP Duet Match campaign, she released one collaboration with Bernard Park, called With You, on April 3, 2016.

Hyerim also referred to as Lim, contributed to the composition of two songs on the one EP Why So Lonely by Wonder Girls in July of the identical year.

She also appeared in tvN’s 2018 drama, Hello, Stranger!, where she participated in the drama’s OST, alongside Mint and Soorin Kim. Starring actor Ji Il Joo and Hyerim because the main characters, the international ad entitled Hello, Stranger! will make your heart flutter within the type of a dramatic video (35 minutes) and teaser trailer (30 seconds).

There haven’t been any new projects for Hyerim in 2019, but she is currently studying at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, as reported by Mediapia. Hyerim posted an image on Instagram with the words “Good job!”. within the picture, she is taking a certification shot with a bright smile after the examination.

Pic 3 - What happened to the Wonder Girls members after their disbandment?

After Wonder Girls’ disbandment, apparently, Hyerim now could be focusing more on her studies. She enrolled within the department of English for International Conferences and Communication at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. Not only has she maintained a 4.0 GPA, but she was also awarded a scholarship for her excellent grades. On top of that, Hyerim is additionally active as an English reporter for the varsity newspaper, The Argus, and could be a member of the faculty Supporters group of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Hyerim has even received a souvenir from the Minister of Foreign Affairs for her efforts.

Her achievements as a collegian may surprise you, but that’s just one more reason to cheer for her!

She also translated the recently published novel, The Diary of Anne Frank. She had translated the book into Korean from English. However, the talented singer can speak a complete of 4 languages fluently, including Korean, English, Mandarin, and Cantonese!

Netizens praised her thanks to it:

“You’re amazing!! Working so hard at college while being a celebrity~~ I support you!”

“The way she studies is so motivating!”

“She’s awesome because she’s smart.”

“Amazing. She’ll definitely achieve whatever she does.”

At one in every one of the interviews in 2018, Hyerim talked about her lack of solo activities after Wonder Girls’ disbandment, as reported by Soompi. “I haven’t done lots of solo promotions so I might wish to, but I’m very satisfied with my school life. I focused on my studies and got a scholarship last year, but quit that, I’m proud that I didn’t miss attendance once. My peers are all younger than I’m, so I haven’t tried meet-ups or happening appointments.”

“I’ve done some style of shows that didn’t interfere with my studies. like all college boys, I’ve got plenty of areas of interest and I’m searching for the work I need to try to do. I’ve been an MC for Arirang TV’s ‘Pops in Seoul’ before, so I need to undertake to emcee, and that I have plenty of interest in songwriting and producing. I’m within the translation department, so if the chance arises, I need to try to do some international work, as well. within the past, I’ve worked as a reporter for ‘Entertainment Weekly’ and had lots of fun. I’m keeping my options open.” Hyerim added.

When asked about her former girl group, Wonder Girls, she said, “Wonder Girls is like my miracle. I’ve done many things I’d never have otherwise, and there’s no remorse from any of the members. I joined the group A little later, but I met older sisters that I don’t know where I might be if I hadn’t had that chance.”

Hyerim also related she kept involved with other members, saying, “Yubin and that I am still within the same company and I’m still in reality with Yeeun and Sunye. Sunye took tutelage of me while we were marketing within the U.S. Recently I saw her appear on TV about her life in Canada, but once I told her I enjoyed the show, she was embarrassed.”

We wish all the most effective for Hyerim, whether in her academic life or her career as a celebrity!

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