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Why Hanggeng leff Super Junior? Do you know the truth behind it? Today, Xenews will show everything about this! Get ready!

Super Junior’s Original Chinese Member, Hangeng

As one of the largest K-Pop boy bands of the 00s, it came as a surprise to several the news that one in every of its core members has filed for contract termination at the very height of their career. Meet Hangeng, Super Junior’s only Chinese member, included in their original lineup in 2007, who acted together of the most dancers for the group. Despite having a giant role within the group since its start, his presence and appearance are reduced to a member with a mask on and barely any spotlight. Not only that, because the only foreign member at the time, he was perceived to be experiencing lots of discrimination, unfair treatment, and troubles that are piling up to the purpose where he had to file for termination of the contract.

So, are you curious about how and why Hangeng filed for contract termination? or even how his members were knowledgeable about the news then and the way they feel about it now? Let’s take a glance at Hangeng’s career before the contract termination and after he left Super Junior!

Hangeng’s Departure From Super Junior

Hangeng filed for contract termination in late December of 2009, sometime after the discharge of Super Junior’s legendary hit, “Sorry Sorry.” The news confused fans because of the timing and nature of the report, with fans doubting its credibility and thereto, the shortage of response from SM Entertainment. Soon after, both parties confirmed that the reports are indeed true which Hangeng has filed for the termination without first consulting with SM, thus doing it behind their backs in his off time.

At the time, fans were clearly confused concerning the motive of the split and impending termination, believing that everything is ok behind the scenes because the group just hit the largest achievement in their careers. Not only that, the song was nominated for multiple daesangs and launched Super Junior’s reputation to the sky. So, why exactly did Hangeng decided to depart the group?

The answer to it question may be found in several of his interviews dating back from 2010 to his most up-to-date one, where he delved into detail about the unfair treatment he had been receiving joined of the sole foreign idols at the time, with no particular senior to guide him or law to safeguard his position. He had struggled lot with provisions put into law at the time, that limited his salary and his appearances compared to the opposite members. He revealed that within the first year alone, he was only able to earn 4000 yuan or similar to $650 USD. Adding to that, his agency didn’t do anything to minimize the burden he was under.

At the time, Hangeng expressed his will to become an actor and also to film for a few other jobs on the side, just like the ones the opposite members did, as regulars on variety shows, or maybe just a straightforward commercial. Despite his desire to try to do so, SM Entertainment supposedly ignored his request and failed to add any such activity to his schedule. They instead added salt to the wound by having him debut again as a rookie in China, in 2008, as a part of Super Junior-M. The burden kept increasing, both financially and emotionally, until he couldn’t take it anymore and decided to travel through filing the contract termination on his own, without notifying anyone beforehand.

In another interview, Hangeng gave another excuse for his contract termination, besides the shortage of schedules and pay, which was associated with the corporate culture in itself. He revealed that he couldn’t withstand the pressure the agency placed on maintaining a particular image and therefore the restrictions put in situ to stay that image. Not only that, but they also had a very strong group mentality that was very foreign to him, such the language that all of them spoke but he didn’t. This difference in culture also became a part of the supporting factors for his decision.

When asked whether or not he cared for the fans, he said that he did indeed look after them, it’s just that he doesn’t think he includes a lot to supply as an idol. He believes that as an actor he could further please his fans and also earn the pay that he needs. Furthermore, he doesn’t decide to become an idol until he’s 30 or more like his peers do. to feature to it, he doesn’t regret leaving, despite having to go away all the celebrity and fortune, because his action contributed to the development of the conditions of foreign idols that debuted after him.

After he filed for the termination, the Korean ministry to blame entertainment companies did investigate true and into the alleged mistreatment that led to the filing of contract termination. This led to laws put in situ to limit contracts to a 7-year fundamental quantity and increased procure foreign entertainers within the industry, including idols. Hangeng felt that his contract termination was necessary so as to bring change and awareness to the state of foreign entertainers in South Korea.

Recent Interaction with Other Members

After the contract had been terminated, it absolutely was well-known that there had been some hostility between Hangeng and SM Entertainment, especially, with the contract negotiations and court dates piling up and dragging on. With it came the suspicion that the link between Hangeng and also the remainder of the members of Super Junior had also been very tense and hostile, because of the actual fact that he did all of this without first consulting the members, even those he was extremely near.

Those allegations looked as if it would have stemmed out of thin air and Hangeng revealed his desire to face on stage with Super Junior if he could, especially to celebrate Super Junior’s tenth anniversary with a reunion. He said, “When Super Junior celebrated their 10th-anniversary last year, it crossed my mind that I should have stood on the stage with them. If it had been possible, I’d have liked to perform with them yet another time.”

He added, “I wanted to form the anniversary meaningful to Super Junior fans over the past decade. Recently, I visited Korea and communicated with leader Leeteuk and my former manager. However, for various reasons, my dream of standing on stage together didn’t come true.”

One of the members of Super Junior that we all know he’s still in grips with is Super Junior’s visual, Siwon. They need to be seen publicly quite a few times, as recorded within the videos above. They shared a reasonably good-natured hug and a handshake as an indication of their relationship.

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Another member Hangeng seems to be connected with is Heechul, whom fans are shipping since the dawn of day. the 2 were extremely close while Hangeng was still a part of Super Junior, which friendship remained intact to the current day. Hangeng went and met up with Heechul while shooting a project in Korea and he has also recently celebrated Heechul’s birthday with him.

Solo Activities and Latest News

Recently, Hangeng has mostly been that specialize in his acting career which was his dream ever since he was still a part of Super Junior. He has starred in both domestic and international productions, like the summer blockbuster hit franchise, Transformers, and also the highly controversial Chinese-French movie exploring the link of two gay men, Seek McCartney. As for his domestic hits, he starred alongside Fan Bingbing in Ever Since We Love, an erotic romance film that’s adapted from a unique. Han’s upcoming projects in 2019 include hacker-themed thriller Reborn and modern romantic drama Love Me, does one Dare.

As for his singing career, as he has planned, Hangeng dropped his last album titled San Geng in 2015, effectively putting his singing career on a hiatus to essentially specialize in acting and his big projects. In another more modern news, Hangeng has recently revealed that he has been in an exceedingly relationship with actress, Celina Jade. The news was relayed to his fans through his personal social media accounts.

So what does one consider Hangeng’s decision to depart Super Junior? Comment your thoughts within the section below!

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