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Why does Korean Movie Star Hyun Bin love the Philippines?

Following the huge success of Crash Landing on You and Hyun Bin’s increasing popularity, global endorsement deals are landing at the actor feet, despite the challenges brought about by the global pandemic. Today, Huyn Bin will shared his thought about why he loves the Philippines.


There’s no slowing down Hyun Bin. The actor was recently launched as the face of Smart Communications, one of the Philippines’ largest mobile service providers. “I decided to take part in the Smart campaign because the fans in the Philippines are the warmest in the world,” Hyun declared.

Hyun bin (Korean Movie Star Hyun Bin love the Philippines)
Hyun Bin is well suited to his role in Crash Landing on You.

Smart Communications’ senior vice-president Jane Basas referred to the star as a “priceless investment” and explained that the “Hyun Bin phenomenon” in the Philippines is thanks in large part to digital technology. Due to lockdown restrictions, Hyun’s commercial had to be shot entirely in Seoul, while in video coordination with the creative team in the Philippines.

Smart Communication (Korean Movie Star Hyun Bin love the Philippines)
Smart Communication, Inc.

“Because of technology, this has brought me to the fans closer than ever especially during these challenging times,” he said. “I am thankful that I am given a way to reach out to everyone in the Philippines.”

Filipino fans await the day he can finally come over to visit.

Hyun Bin (Korean Movie Star Hyun Bin love the Philippines)

Surprised with the success of Crash Landing on You, Hyun reflects on why he thinks Captain Ri became so popular. “The role of Ri Jeong-hyeok had more warmth and innocence compared to the other roles that I have acted. I think it was more special in terms of expressing the role,” he said. “I worked hard to portray the complex emotions that this character had,” he recalled. “I looked for different ways to approach the scenes, for example, being gentle and soft for a scene that would otherwise be intense.”

Looking back at his career so far, Hyun talks about what he has gained from it. “I’ve found stability. I think I’ve become stronger and more relaxed. I’m more curious and interested in work, and there are more things I want to express,” he said.

Hyun Bin (Korean Movie Star Hyun Bin love the Philippines)

“With this job [acting], it’s not something you can ignore. But it’s something you can achieve by trying, so I believe it’s outside the boundaries of the things I can control,” he added. Years of experience have taught Hyun to just focus on what he can do. “Then it gets simple. All I have to do is to prepare well and show good acting.”

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