Why did Somi leave JYP?

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Why did Somi leave JYP? I believe you guys will be surprised when knowing the truth behind it! Get ready to discover with Xenews!

What Happened Between So-mi and JYP? Let’s learn Here!

Among all the shocking news we arrived in 2018, let’s agree that we still can’t believe that Jeon So-mi left her agency, JYP Entertainment. The number-one girl from Produce 101 season 1 that won everybody’s heart decided to go away JYP Entertainment after several years of being a trainee, on August 20, 2018. JYP Entertainment gave a politician statement regarding her departure, saying that she left the corporate because her contract had ended.

Even subsequently clarification from JYP Entertainment, fans still can’t accept it. Let’s see the reality behind why did So-mi leave JYP below!

JYP Still Not Debuting So-mi

The first time So-mi made an appearance publically was in 2015 when she became one of all the trainees that participated in the reality show Sixteen, a survival program where JYP Entertainment’s female trainees competed to become a member of the new girl-group the agency was creating, that came to be referred to as Twice.

At the time, So-mi couldn’t manage to debut with the opposite female trainees. She was very young some time past, which could why JYP didn’t include her as a member Twice. But still, her struggle didn’t end there. So-mi then joined another survival program, called Produce 101, in 2016. Unlike Sixteen, Produce 101 had female trainees from various agencies and not just JYP.

It may be partly due to her previous appearance on Sixteen, but she gained popularity on the new show, and lots of viewers liked her and voted for her. By the top of the show, she had managed to be within the first position, which not only brought tears of joy to her eyes but to ours, as well. lots of fans, both in Korea and worldwide, were so happy to work out her final debut as a member of I.O.I after failing to become a Twice member.

I.O.I, however, was only a short-term project. A year after their debut date, I.O.I would disband because of the short contract. However, So-mi’s status at JYP Entertainment was not that of a trainee. She became one among JYP artists after she debuted with I.O.I, while it had been only temporary.

After becoming a solo artist for JYP Entertainment, she did plenty of collaborations with other artists. She was featured on Eric Nam’s song called You, Who? that released in March 2017.

Not only that, but she also appeared on KBS2’s reality show called Sister’s Slam Dunk in 2017, and debuting with others on the cast, including Kim Sook, Hong Jin-kyung, Kang Ye-won, Han Chae-young, Hong Jin-young, and Minzy. The group that consisted of comedians, actresses, and singers was called Unnies, which suggests older sister, and released a song called Right?

She also appeared on a television show called Girls adjoining, where she acted as a trainee with other female idols, Mamamoo’s Moon-byul, Red Velvet’s Seul-gi, C.I.V.A’s So-hee, Sonamoo’s Eun-ae, Oh My Girl’s Yoo-ah, Lovelyz’s Su-jeong, and So-mi. They also released a song, called Deep Blue Eyes.

These groups were also temporary. Again, So-mi didn’t make her official debut as a member of a permanent group.

In June 2018, So-mi was spotted at Twice’s concert in Seoul, together with JYP Entertainment’s female trainees. plenty of fans speculated (and hoped) that they were visiting debut shortly after.

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A few months later, in August the identical year, So-mi shocked the web world with the news that she left the corporate.

There were plenty of reactions from fans, both domestically and worldwide. Some said that it absolutely was unfortunate for her to go away from JYP Entertainment which she was disrespecting the corporate that made her name grow. Some were even saying it in a harsh way, and writing it in So-mi’s Instagram account. Happily, she could respond in an exceedingly cool way.

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There were also fans that kept supporting her, regardless of what agency she is an element of. So-mi liked some comments that sent good vibes for her after the shocking news, saying that they hated JYP for keeping her too long and not letting her debut. She’s a star, therefore she’s going to shine irrespective of where.

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JYP confirmed that So-mi was leaving and thanked the fans for all the support that they gave for her. By that, on August 20, 2018, JYP officially confirmed that So-mi had ended her contract with JYP Entertainment. the subsequent day, JYP Entertainment announced a replacement girl group that was working to create a debut soon. They didn’t say who many of the members were, but they said that Shin Ryu-jin would be one of all the members within the group. Again, So-mi wasn’t included within the new girl group. The new girl group was anon referred to as Itzy, which has just made a debut on February 12, 2019.

All the identical, it had been great that So-mi didn’t need to wait long before getting a brand new company. A few months after the news of her leaving JYP Entertainment, So-mi reportedly joined The Black Label.

However, on September 22, JYP wrote a really long caption saying that they were so thankful for the fans of artists from the corporate, and it had been due to them that the agency could grow. He also added that he was thankful to the artists that followed the principles of the corporate, which those that don’t follow the foundations aren’t any longer with the agency. Many fans speculated that it may well be a relevant So-mi’s case since it absolutely was posted around the same time that the news So-mi signed with a replacement label came up.

So, does one think that So-mi left thanks to she didn’t get included within the upcoming girl group, or does one think she left because she incorporates a scandal specified JYP didn’t want her to still be an artist at the company? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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