Where is Han Chowon now?

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Where is Han Chowon now? Do you know the truth behind it? Today, let’s discover with Xenews! Are you ready to know everything?

Yesterday, the Seoul High Court revealed the 12 Produce 101 series trainees who have been unfairly eliminated thanks to voting manipulation. Among them was one budding star from IZ*ONE’s Produce 48: Han Chowon. Had she not been the victim of vote fraud, or was set to create it into IZ*ONE‘s lineup—but where is she now?

Before the Produce 48 results were manipulated, Han Chowon placed 6th within the finale, which might have made her a part of IZ*ONE’s lineup. Given the surprising rap skills she displayed on the show, she likely would’ve been a part of the group’s rap line.

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18-year-old Han Chowon may be a trainee under CUBE Entertainment—a company known for girl groups like CLC and (G)I-DLE. She trained for 1 year and 10 months before joining Produce 48 but didn’t perform so well when the show first started. She ranked 64th within the first episode, falling to the 88th rank by episode 3.

However, from that time on, her luck circled. She was later nicknamed the “Reversal Queen” after showing off her incredible rapping and singing skills. By episode 8, Han Chowon was up to 8th place overall on the show. However, thanks to the network’s vote manipulation, Han Chowon only ranked 13th within the finale, narrowly missing the move join IZ*ONE.

After leaving the show, Han Chowon returned to Cube Entertainment as a trainee. In February 2019, she graduated Hanlim Multi conservatoire alongside fellow Produce 48 trainees Son Eunchae (expected to debut in an exceedingly Team Entertainment‘s girl group ISE shortly) and Go Yujin (who left the idol industry earlier this year because of malicious comments).

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Since Han Chowon was still a trainee at the time, fans didn’t get to work out or hear much of her during the year following Produce 48‘s finale. But, in August 2019, she surprised everyone by signing an officer artist contract together with her agency. At the time, reports said Han Chowon would be preparing for debut, though they didn’t specify whether she would be a solo act or a part of a gaggle.

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One SPOTV report in January this year claimed Cube Entertainment intended to debut Han Chowon as a part of a lady group alongside Lee Joohyun. Lee Joohyun may be a fellow trainee from the agency and a former contestant on KBS‘s The Unit (2017) and KBS2‘s Dancing High (2018). Both trainees are a part of Cube Entertainment’s pre-debut team, Cube Tree.

Pic 4 - Where is Han Chowon now?However, nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Thankfully, fans haven’t had to attend too long to work out Han Chowon to begin her career. She made her movie debut earlier this year within the production Bully Bad Guys.

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Cube Entertainment is yet to release an announcement since the unfairly eliminated trainees were revealed, but fans hope Chowon remains busy preparing for a glowing idol debut.

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