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Today, we will have When Time Stopped kdrama review! Are you excited about our review? Let’s watch this wonderful drama!

When Time Stopped kdrama may be a fantasy romance a few mysterious and lonely man (Kim Hyun Joong) that has the power to prevent time who meets a girl (Ahn Ji Hyun) who owns a residence that’s ready to still move around when he time stops.

The main characters in When Time Stopped

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Kim Hyun Joong plays our time stopper, Joon Woo. He tends to stay to himself as he’s employed to further his goals with the utilization of his time-stopping ability. But he’s caught off guard when he meets a girl that permits him to start to open up.

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Then we’ve got Ahn Ji Hyun as Kim Sun Ah. She owes an oversized debt to a lender which has put at her risk of losing the residence she owns. She soon meets Joon Woo and is sure an enormous surprise when she not only learns that he can stop time, but that she will be able to still move during his time freezes.

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Im Gyo Jin is Myung Woon. He’s a conflicted reaper whose job is to trace down people born with special powers and capture their souls since they don’t belong within the human world.

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When Time Stopped Review

I mostly went into When Time Stopped kdrama without knowing an excessive amount of which sort of spices things up. I found a primary couple of episodes pretty interesting. The fantasy premise of a person having the ability to prevent time while one girl can still move around is intriguing.

But it didn’t take long before I felt as if I wasn’t sure if the drama had a transparent idea of where it wanted to travel. It looked like it kind of wandered around a touch. this is often also the type of story with quite a few loopholes and underdeveloped storylines.

While we are introduced to the Joo Woo, his time-stopping power, and also the reaper world, the initial focus appeared to be more on Sun Ah’s struggles with debt and keeping her dwelling. This surprised me since there was most to figure with fantasy story-wise, but it had been fine because I found Sun Ah to be a reasonably interesting character.

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But afterward is resolved, the drama takes on an episodic format with each episode coping with either another human with powers that the reapers are after or someone connected to Joon Woo and Sun Ah who they needed to assist.

A couple of those stories were definitely engaging, but I used to be disappointed that the show wasn’t focusing more on the overarching story. Halfway through the drama, I barely had any idea who Joon Woo even was. With no memories of his past and a reasonably bland personality, it had been difficult to attach along with his character.

Pic 6 - When Time Stopped kdrama ReviewThe last half of the drama is where we actually start to work out the connection between Joon Woo and Sun Ah begins to deepen. it absolutely was slow going for his or her romance to blossom, but we do get some sweet moments throughout the journey likewise as some thoughtful conversations between the pair. they need a reasonably emotional story too.

Then it’s about two-thirds of the way through the drama before we dive deep into the most story with more about Joon Woo’s past and therefore the spiritual beings becoming even more prominent.

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Those previous few episodes were the most effective part on my behalf. the planet-building could are a touch better just to counterpoint the drama more, but the globe and founded were very intriguing. And everything comes together in a very interesting way. The pay-off episodes towards the top of the drama where everything is revealed were the highlight of the show on behalf of me.

When Time Stopped kdrama has several nice qualities, but as a full, it just felt prefer it was missing something. prefer it was underdeveloped and just lacking that special something to actually grab me. it had been a fairly quick and straightforward watch though which is what made the series decent enough.

My Rating: 6/10

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