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Today, we will have When the devil calls your name review! Are you excited about our review? After that, let’s watch this wonderful drama!

When the Devil Calls Your Name is a few star music composer (Jung Kyung Ho) who sells his soul to the devil (Park Sung Woong) to realize fame and youth. But when the time involves keep his end of the discount and he finds out a woman’s (Lee Seol) talent was stolen for him, he’s left desperately trying to save lots of them both.

Main characters

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Jung Kyung Ho takes on the role of Ha Rib. After struggling all of his life to creating it within the music industry, he grows weary and desperate. So when the devil presents him with a suggestion to urge success in exchange for his soul, he decides to require it. He’s sure a rude awakening though when his contract comes up and he fully realizes what he has done.

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Park Sung Woong plays the devil who has seized the material body of the favored actor Mo Tae Kang. As you’d expect, he’s slick with a temper, and always looking to form a shady deal that benefits him.

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Next we’ve Lee Seol as Kim Yi Kyung. She’s a hard-working, aspiring singer, but a difficult life has made that dream impossible. She gets a glimmer of hope after meeting Ha Rib, but little does she know just what quantity influence he had on her life further as her future.

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Finally, Lee El is Ji Seo Young. She works with Ha Rib and was once in a very serious relationship with the human Mo Tae Kang. When Mo Tae Kang shows copy in her life, old feelings resurface, and he or she is left confused by how completely different he seems to be.

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When the devil calls your name review

The premise of When the Devil Calls Your Name had me intrigued early with its inspiration coming from the classic written material Faust. Nothing sort of a good selling your soul to the devil story to actually up the stakes.

The first few episodes founded the story well and provide an honest idea of the stakes involved. I did find the tone a bit odd though because it fluctuated between being serious and comedic. I reasonably wish the drama as a full would have veered more to the intense side, but the comedy was still fun.

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This drama was interesting on my behalf of me therein it really was a wonderful series, but I found the pacing to be a touch slow. The script was specific with a story, characters, and production that were all wonderful. So it absolutely was great to work out all of these elements move nicely.

It just looked like it took a long time for things to happen within the drama. They were definitely happening, it absolutely was just the space in between the massive events that took their time. Luckily, there have been consistent plot developments throughout and nice reveals to stay things interesting.

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I really liked how the characters’ backstories were slowly peeled back layer by layer to reveal more about them and what led them to where they were. It brought forth wonderful insights into who they were in addition to enhancing the current story at the correct moments. The story as a full was just executed rather well.

I even have to say the absolutely amazing soundtrack for this show! It’s the simplest one I’ve come upon this year. Not only were the songs themselves fantastic, but they were also perfectly utilized within the drama to maximize the emotional impact of events happening to the characters, especially because the characters themselves sing most of the songs. You don’t see an OST executed this well and with such a lot of intention that usually, and it definitely enhances the experience for the audience.

Pic 11 - When the devil calls your name ReviewWe had two powerhouse actors headlining this one with Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong. They didn’t let me down and gave fantastic performances. They each have their own unique charms and are ready to do comedy and so deliver incredibly intense emotions within the more serious scenes. Putting them together was just something else!

The characters of Ha Rib and therefore the Devil have quite an odd relationship. there’s lots of control and manipulation on the Devil’s end while Ha Rib experiences fear and frustration. But within the process of creating deals, they find themselves kind of working with one another from time to time.

Sometimes their relationship was even quite humorous with barely of bromance. Of course, that doesn’t last because the story progresses and things get an entire lot more serious between the duo with Ha Rib’s life on the road.

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I also really enjoyed our female lead Lee Seol who I saw for the primary time here. She completely held her own and also brought an awfully powerful performance. I loved her natural innocence that was including strong determination.

Yi Kyung really got a nasty deal in life, thanks partly to the Devil and Ha Rib. She does her best to beat life’s challenges, and she or he really could be a special woman with a heart of gold. Which made it all the more serious to work out Ha Rib and therefore the Devil lead her down a path that might destroy what makes her such an incredible woman.

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The tension builds up quite nicely within the last third of the drama. The stakes are as high as they’ll be for everybody as they’re caught within the middle of issues between the Devil and God. There are tears, heartache, and an entire lot of emotions to handle as everyone involves terms with reality and what brought them to its point. it absolutely was something to work out play out, and also the ending was quite satisfying.

When the Devil Calls Your Name was rather well done. Although it had a definite slowness throughout, the script, the acting, the assembly, and therefore the soundtrack were all top-notch. It’s fairly unique with its interesting mixture of genres, which made for a most entertaining watch.

My Rating: 7/10

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