What is the relationship of actor Joo Won and singer BoA now?

After dating for a year, actor Joo Won and singer Boa have broken up! What happened?

In November 2017, actor Joo Won and singer BoA were confirmed to own separated ways. Joo Won’s agency, Huayi Brothers, confirmed that Joo Won and BoA had shifted and implicitly said that they didn’t know why the couple parted ways because it had been associated with Joo won’s personal lives.

Joo Won and BoA’s relationship was confirmed in January 2017. it absolutely was reported that the couple began dating one another at the tip of 2016. They met during a gathering of their respective colleagues and acquaintances. They both had many similarities, like hobbies and values. They both enjoyed hiking and golf and were drawn to each other thanks to their healthy lifestyles. They were also said to possess similar tastes in music.

Joo Won and BoA also talked to every other about acting. Joo Won was quoted saying he had watched BoA’s drama My Wife has an Affair in the week and gave her advice. One source near the 2 admitted that the communication between Joo Won and BoA went all right because they both had similar tastes and interests about the identical thing. The source added that several around them were envious because they gave the impression to cherish each other.

There was speculation that TVXQ’s Jung Yun-ho was the matchmaker behind Joo Won and BoA’s relationship. BoA and Yun-ho were both under SM Entertainment and have had the same-aged friends for over 10 years. Meanwhile, Joo Won previously mentioned in an interview that he had an in-depth relationship with Yun-ho.

On May 16, 2017, some months after the couple was confirmed to be dating one another, Joo Won was officially enlisted within the army. in an exceeding news conference before his enlistment, he said that his girlfriend, BoA told him that his military service might feel long on the one hand, and on the opposite hand, it wasn’t such a protracted time and told him to come back well and healthy.

However, six months later, Joo Won and BoA were confirmed to have shifted. Many netizens thought that the rationale for his or her broke up was thanks to their long-distance relationship.

Joo Won is currently serving as an assistant instructor of the assault battalion, a part of the skeleton unit’s 23rd infantry regiment. Joo Won is going to be discharged from the military on February 15, 2019. Meanwhile, BoA had recently celebrated her 18th debut anniversary in August 2018.

BoA Dating Current Boyfriend and Dating Rumor

Like most celebrities, BoA tries to stay her personal and sexual practice private. She rarely talks about her sexual activity publicly. Being referred to as Queen of K-Pop, BoA wants to be known thanks to her work, so she works really hard at singing and keeps her real-life private. Even after 20 years in the music industry, she is still active in making music and sing. Ahead, we take a glance at BoA’s current boyfriend and any dating rumor of her sex.

So, who are the lads who are rumored to possess dated the BoA?

BoA With TVXQ’s Yunho

Label-mates for a decade, BoA & Yunho have a connection like no other. As two 1st gen SM trainees, they struggled and achieved success side-by-side. they’re known to own a robust bond with one another for a protracted time. There are many photos and sweet moments they spent together on-cam, and fans began to ship the 2 of them.

In one episode of I Live Alone, Yunho and BoA were on the show and surprised the ‘I Live Alone’ members with their friendly skinship. But Yunho explained, “She’s an extremely close friend of mine who won’t create (dating) scandal whether or not we tightly hug.” He also shared they’ve been close friends for about 10 years; she’s a devotee he became near after debuting TVXQ. At the time, she was any person, but they became close while promoting overseas. Until now, they still strongly show their closeness as friends only.

BoA With Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

When Eunhyuk guested on Radio Star and other Super Junior members, he revealed his relationship with BoA, a South Korean solo singer under SM Entertainment.
Back when Eunhyuk was a trainee, he was near BoA by filling out her song Girl On Top with the rap part. Unfortunately, because he had practiced so often, the producers decided the rap part was unnecessary, and Eunhyuk only filled in as a dancer.

The next opportunity was when Eunhyuk was chosen to try to do a pair of dances with BoA on her new song, Only One. At first, Eunhyuk called her “BoA-sunbae” (BoA’s senior) but not anymore. BoA also once said that their first debut was awkward. on the other hand, Eunhyuk texted BoA, “When will we meet to speak more comfortably?” And since then, Eunhyuk and BoA became closer. Regarding the connection between them, they insisted that they were just friends.

BoA With Super Junior’s Siwon

In July 2010, a rumor was spreading around about BoA with a Hallyu boy group member, Choi Siwon, after they spent a while watching a movie together. in keeping with the media, Choi Siwon and BoA wore identical glasses and even uploaded an intimate photo within the theater. together with the photo, he says,’ My friend BoA, please give her much support.’

Some netizens said, ‘ Why did they wear a pair of glasses gazing the imitate photo? during this way, they’re going to create a scandal! On the opposite hand, some netizens also praised by saying,’ BoA looks very charismatic.’ Another said, ‘two of them look quite compatible.’ However, a number of the ‘sharp-eyed’ netizens mentioned that the photo should be for promotion only as BoA are going to be releasing her new album in early August of 2010.

Who is BoA Husband, and Is She Already Married?

As of 2020, BoA isn’t dating anyone. She is reportedly still single after the breakup with the Korean actor Joo Won in November 2017. Until this text was published, the K-Pop star didn’t hook up with and didn’t have a lifelong partner.

As for the kind of husband BoA wants in her life, in one interview with Japanese media in 2015, she said she just wants someone who will do the identical things along with her. “I would really like an individual with who I can share the identical hobbies and beliefs with” she stated. As of this writing, no evidence or information results in her getting married, have a husband, and build a family.

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