What are dreams of famous Korean artists before their debut?

These famous Korean artists have beautiful dreams before they debut as actors or actresses! Let’s check the details below! 

Accidentally entered the entertainment industry and got more success than expected. However, few people know that this is not the childhood dreams of these artists.

Sometimes it’s hard to picture the celebrities we love in a different field of work. They are so naturally charismatic and good-looking that it seems like their path to stardom is inevitable, but that’s not always the case. Let’s check more about their dreams before their debut right now!

Song Joong Ki

song joong ki

Ever since Song Joong Ki was young, he aspired to become a speed skater. He has competed in various events and even represented his city of Daejeon to compete at the national level. It wasn’t until he was injured in high school that he had to give up his dream of playing his favorite sport. Song Joong Ki’s figure skating skills helped him shine when participating in the drama “Triple”.

Jung Hae In

jung hae in

Before having success with One Spring Night, Tune In For Love, Goblin, etc., few people know that Jung Hae In is a student of biotechnology school. Since childhood, he had a dream to study and work in this field after graduation. However, “predestined” took a turn when he accidentally attended an actor selection on the road and followed his acting career from there.

So Ji Sub

so ji sub

If it weren’t for the “survival of life” to work as a model to earn extra income, today Korean cinema does not have a handsome and talented So Ji Sub. Before that, he was a professional swimmer with 11 years of pursuing his passion. He even won a medal at the National Sports Festival tournament.

With his outstanding height, he gradually conquered the fashion catwalk and gradually entered into acting. Vietnamese audiences certainly cannot forget his role in the movies “Model” and “Glass Shoes”.

Lee Bo Young

lee bo young

Always wanting to become a news presenter, Lee Bo Young entered the TV presenter contest in 2002. However, because she only entered the top 15, this dream ended for her. Then Lee Bo Young decided to try her hand at modeling again and succeeded as an exclusive model for Asiana Airlines.

Sung Hoon

sung hoon

Like So Ji Sub, Sung Hoon is passionate about swimming and aims to become a professional athlete. But unfortunately, he had to give up his dream when he suffered a spinal injury. This led him to enlist in the army to try to figure out the next step in his life. In the end, Sung Hoon chose to pursue an acting career.

Won Bin

won bin

Growing up in the countryside, Won Bin aspires to become a car mechanic. He has a passion and strong love for motorcycles and cars. He even attended a technical high school, which is where he acquired the skills he needed to repair cars. However, in his senior year of high school, without much thought, Won Bin applied to a cable TV station where he signed with a talent agency soon after.

After the success of the movie “Autumn in My Heart” (the best film in 2000), Won Bin signed many consecutive advertising contracts with huge salaries. Won Bin became the first actor to sign a beer advertising contract with a salary of up to 4 billion Won. Not only that, the name Won Bin became the love symbol of young girls. He was at the Top in the “beautiful men” polls, not only in Korea but also in Japan and China, he also had a “fever” with Won Bin.

Jin Ki Joo

Jin Ki Joo

Jin Ki Joo’s aspirations and dreams have always pushed her in different directions. Jin Ki Joo started working for Samsung as an information technology consultant. After 3 years, she decided to change career, audition, and become a reporter for SBS.

Jin Ki Joo participated in the “Super Model Contest” in 2014 (with more than 2,600 contestants) and she won the third prize (Olivia Lauren Prize). This award also paved the way for her to come to the cinema and be more known to the audience.

Kang Dong Won

kang dong won

Kang Dong Won’s passion and dream are to play in the national team. However, his family’s economic hardship during his teenage years forced him to put that dream aside and he decided to study instead. He accidentally entered the entertainment industry when he was recruited as a model in front of the university. He decided to try it because he thought it was a good way to make money. Since then, he has been involved in acting.

Shin Sung Rok

shin sung rok

Born in a family with an older brother, Shin Je Rok – a basketball player, Sung Rok’s dream was also affected. But while playing basketball in high school, he was injured so badly that his dreams were shattered. Although he was disappointed, he turned to acting and fell in love with cinema through the films “My Love from the Star”, “Dark Ages”, “Finding Kim Jong Wook”,…

Song Hye Kyo

song hye kyo

Originally trained to be a professional figure skater when she was in elementary school, she decided to quit when she entered high school. Instead, she applied for modeling contests she won the SunKyung Smart Model Contest, and she appeared in the entertainment industry as a model for a school uniform company. This led to her being cast in a small role in her first TV series First Love.
She went on to appear in a variety of television series and sitcoms, most notably the series Soonpoong Clinic. But it wasn’t until the drama “Autumn in My Heart” in 2000 with Song Seung-heon and Won Bin that she began to gain popularity in Korea and throughout Asia. The film achieved certain success, pioneering the trend of Korean music as well as the Korean wave and making Song Hye-kyo a Hallyu star.

Lee Min Ho

lee min ho

Lee Min Ho’s childhood dream and passion were to become a soccer player. He worked hard to try and achieve this goal, but a bad injury in elementary school got in the way of this dream. When he went to high school, he tried acting and decided to enter the film university.

Lee Min Ho is known for his roles as Goo Jun Pyo in the TV series Meteor Garden, as Lee Yoon Sung in the TV series City Hunter and in the movie The Heirs as Kim Tan in 2013.

Later on, Lee Min Ho continued to play soccer as a hobby.

Jun Ji Hyun

jun ji hyun

With a dream of being able to travel all over the world, Jun Ji Hyun always wanted to become a flight attendant. But then she gave up on this dream after having a bad experience on a flight. At the age of 16, her high school friend who was a model introduced her to a photographer and she joined the Korean entertainment industry not long after.

She is one of the three great Korean beauties and the fourth “national first love” of the Republic of Korea after Im Ye Jin, Lee Mi Yeon and Shim Eun Ha. Her acting and beauty are highly appreciated by experts.

That’s all about some dreams of famous actors and actresses. Comment below if you know other dreams!

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