WEEEKLY female rookie Zoa (2005) attracts attention with her radiant beauty

Netizens could not believe that Weeekly’s Zoa had just graduated from middle school. Let’s check right now!

Weeekly had made its debut in 2020 and is one of every of the girl groups which many K-Pop fans are talking about. They had also received several rookie awards on various award ceremonies, proving their potential to rise because of the next K-Pop group.

Not long ago, many fans noticed that maknae Zoa (born in 2005) had officially graduated from middle school! Her graduation photos from lyceum had also surfaced online, causing many to wonder how it’s possible to require such lovely photos when she was just a lyceum student.

Take a glance for yourself below!

Some were saying how Zoa is blessed with such pretty visuals at such a young age and also envious of how pretty her lycee photos look.

Wearing her school uniform and posing with an infectious smile, it’s no wonder why many couldn’t help but compliment her ‘completed’ visuals.

With that being said, Zoa are going to be starting high school soon and other members like JiYoon, Monday and SoEun are going to be graduating high school.

Weeekly had recently received the ‘Rookie Award’ from the “2021 Korea First Brand Awards” and also celebrated their 200 days as a gaggle shortly ago.

Do you also think Zoa looks amazing in her lyceum graduation photos?

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