Web drama of Arin (Oh My Girl) ‘fever’ with cast ‘more beautiful than flowers’

Meet the cast of tvN’s upcoming drama “A Girl’s World” from a famous webtoon

Oh My Girl’s Arin and singer-actor Kwon Hyun Bin will star within the upcoming drama “A Girl’s World,” a webtoon series that features a massive following everywhere in South Korea.

Webtoon digital comics are gaining popular views everywhere in the Republic of Korea. the present JTBC’s “Itaewon Class” with the identical title is additionally a famous webtoon remake drama. As of writing, it continues to rank on top ratings in cable TV nationwide.

tvN never stops producing hit series, and now the channel is close to unveiling “A Girl’s World.” consistent with reports, the webtoon series gained 7 million downloads in Naver. tvN is going to be under the identical team that produced last year’s hit teen drama supported another webtoon, which is that the youth-based series “Chubby Romance” which reached around 28 million views during the time it had been broadcast.

“A Girl’s World” is a few jeune fille named Oh Na Ri (played by Arin) on her quest to find true friendship and her true self. During her elementary and school, she had trouble along with her appearance. As she enters high school, she works hard to slenderize and needs to begin anew. On the primary day of college, she notices Im Yoo Na attending the identical class together with her. She and Im Yoo Na have known one another since elementary. Oh Na Ri joined Yoo Na and among other popular girls in class. The friendship seems to impact trials and heartaches for Oh Na Ri.

Im Yoo Na, played by Han Bo-reum, is popular and came from a family that has connections that made her famous within the school. In spite of her reputation, she is bored with listening and meeting untrue people surrounding her. Im Yoo Na finds comfort and considers Oh Na Ri as her ally.

Another pretty girl is Seo Mi Rae (played by Han Chae Kyung), who’s adored by many students thanks to her looks and being a star trainee. Although Oh Na Ri isn’t her typical lover, she considers accepting her since Yoo Na likes her. Seo Mi Rae will make her charming ways to form Jung Woo Kyung fall enamored along with her.

Jung Woo Kyung (played by Kwon Hyun Bin or Viini) is additionally one of all the favored ones in class. He’s the sole guy who will have an in-depth relationship with the women.

Kim Do Ah (played by Im Seon Ji), on other hand, is a sweet, pretty teenager who always protects Oh Na Ri when she encounters problems.

“A Girl’s World” is a comedy yet realistic story of high school students who battle to belong and accept true friendship. The drama series will open via Naver’s V Live this April.

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