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Today, Xenews will show Vincenzo Review! Are you excited and expected to this interesting drama? Get ready with us!

Vincenzo serves viewers with dramatic entertainment tinged with humor and layered with action-packed moments!

After watchingVincenzo, the lingering effect is clear. With a promising cast, great acting, enthralling plot, this K-drama made sure that individuals can never get enough!

Main Cast: Song Joong Ki | Jeon Yeo Been | Ok Taec Yeon | Kim Yeo Jin | Kwak Dong Yeon | Jo Han Chul | Yoo Jae Myung |
Streaming Site: Netflix
Thrill/Addictive Meter: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4/5
Rewatch Value: 3/5
K-Dramas of Similar Vibe: Lawless lawyer | Healer |

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Vincenzo Quick Plot Recap

Park Joo-hyung (Song Joong Ki), moved to Italy when he was young after being adopted by an Italian family. Later on, he joins the mafia, and eventually, he’s adopted by Don Fabio, head of the Cassano mafia family. Renamed Vincenzo Cassano, an Italian lawyer, he becomes a consigliere for the mafia and also Don Fabio’s assistant.

After Fabio’s death, Paolo who was Fabio’s biological son and therefore the successor of the Cassano family tries to kill Vincenzo out of jealousy as his father always trusted Vincenzo quite him. He then flees to Seoul, an Asian country where he was actually born, and sets bent retrieving 1.5 plenty of gold that he helped a Chinese tycoon who died recently, to secretly hide within the basement of Geumga Plaza.

But a true estate company under the Babel Group has now illegally taken ownership of the building then Vincenzo now must find the simplest way to get back the building and recover the gold. Now, Vincenzo joins hands with lawyer Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-been), who is that the sort of attorney who can do anything to win a case.

Initially, she worked at the Wudang house but after her father, Hong Yoo-chan (Yoo Jae Myung) was murdered, she began to add her father’s firm Jipuragi together with Vincenzo and Mr. Nam (Yoon Byung Hee) at Geumga Plaza.

All the Geumga Plaza tenants help Jipuragi to require down Babel against Jang Han Seok (Ok Taec Yeon), Choi Myung-hee (Kim Yeo Jin), Jang Han-seo (Kwak Dong- Yeon). Vincenzo, later on, develops feelings for Miss Hong. He also attains social justice in his own way.

Vincenzo Series Peak Points

As the genre of the show is dark-comedy and it’s also a legal-action drama, it definitely created some excitement among the fans but Vincenzo surpassed all the expectations while looking through dark humor, smooth action, and also complicated relationships. The interpretation of the character Vincenzo is one of every one of the important factors of the narrative. he’s both the hero also because of the villain of this show.

His camaraderie with all the characters around him is another key point throughout the show. His partnership with Miss Hong and also Mr. Nam are some things to seem out for. Especially Miss Hong, the bonding they shared was truly beautiful and excellent, as rightly said Miss Hong they were two bodies and one soul.

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Vincenzo’s reunion along with his mother was heart-touching. The pain of separation they both suffered and even after meeting one another after such a big amount of years, they may not spend much time together. How he failed to get the chance to inform his mother he was her son was truly heartbreaking to look at.

The fight against Babel is additionally worth watching, how each time Vincenzo double-crosses Choi Myung Hee and Jang Han Seok and fails all their ill-attempts.

While a touch less time could have spent initially on the tenants at Geumga Plaza, but the fierce loyalty and bonding which ends up in Geumga Cassano Family that develops later are rather sweet to look at.

Amazing Lead Cast

The role of Vincenzo Cassano is often considered together of Song Joong-Ki’s career-best performances. it’s challenging to portray a personality who acts both good and human. On one hand, he fights for justice for innocent people and on the opposite hand, he gives merciless justice to people who don’t conform to his terms.

Vincenzo’s ways may appear cunning and sharp-witted, but also a decent quantity of violence is shown as he commenced on a rampage seeking revenge. Song Joong Ki did a tremendous job as consigliere and no one could have done justice to the current character than him as if this role was truly made for him.

Additionally, the actor playing an Italian mafia and delivering Italian dialogues perfectly was another tough job but he pulled it off as good as. For his small-screen comeback since Arthdal Chronicles, it had been a certain treat for his fans.

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Pic 3 - Vincenzo Review and Watch OnlineThe character Hong Cha Young by Jeon Yeo Bin also delivered a memorable portrayal. it’s very nice to work out the writers turning out with strong female leads like her who don’t need any quiet protection.

She is sensible, strong-willed, and incorporates a never-give-up attitude who is usually up for a challenge that comes her way. For a show that holds plenty of weight on the male lead and also the undeniable fact that the lead is none aside from Song Joong Ki, she holds her head high and masters every scene she’s in and makes her presence felt alongside Song Joong Ki.

This is Jeon Yeo been’s first major lead role on the little screen and she or he did a superb job. This drama will certainly function as a breakthrough in her career.

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Engrossing Supporting Cast

Ok Taecyeon as naïve, happy-go-lucky Jang Jun-woo and later a psychopath and real chairman of Babel Jang Han Seok was truly convincing and treat to look at. The way he switched personalities was truly commendable.

Kwak Dong-Yeon as Jang Han-Seo is that the surprise package of the show. He appears to be the chairman initially who is rude but later it’s shown he’s someone who is employed by his stepbrother and tolerating all his misdeeds. this may be considered together of his best roles till now.

Another strong character was Choi Myung hee. She may be a former prosecutor turned lawyer who pretends to be good-natured and loves Zumba but is extremely corrupt and might move to any extent to win a case whether or not she must kill someone. Kim Yeo-jin played the character so perfectly that her strong screen presence was felt in every scene.

All the opposite characters be it the people at the Geumga Plaza or at the Wusang business firm and Babel each and each character played by the actors did an honest job. This show really contains a very strong supporting cast together with the most cast which uplifted the show even more.

Excellent Soundtrack

The Vincenzo OST is another USP of the show. With over-the-top action and slo-mo shots is inspired by an incredible OST “Adrenaline” by Solar evolving because of the standout track.

Another song that’s soothing to listen to is “I’m Always By Your Side” by John Park reflecting on the mother-son relationship between Vincenzo and his mother, the last moments they spent together. It also focuses on Vincenzo and Cha Young’s bonding. Other tracks are nice too.

Vincenzo Series Musings

Evil is prevalent and vehement

In conclusion, the story ended on a cheerful note that Vincenzo kept his promise and came back to satisfy Cha Young, and also he has accepted his life as a villain who cannot depend upon justice on villains justice is weak and empty.

But there’s still confusion will they ready to maintain this long-distance relationship since Vincenzo can come once in a while and Cha Young also cannot travel with him to Malta which I personally feel could have resulted in a far better way prefer it would be better if we got a whole closure to the show together with a correct clarity to their relationship.

Also, the show switches from dark comedy to gruesome deaths really fast within the second half; it might be better if we could see brain over brawn set the attitude for revenge.

Overall, it’s an amazing show. Without revealing much about the twists and cliffhangers, the drama’s strength lies in its interesting writing. The superb cast portrayal carried the show efficiently. During these tough times, this show certainly is ideal for a few distractions.

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