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V and Jennie’s photos maybe leak by an employee of YG Entertainment!

K-netizens believe the person leaking V and Jennie’s photos can be an employee of YG Entertainment. Check out the details right now!

The dating rumors between V and Jennie still be within the limelight because the leaker consistently releases new content and photos.

Recently, the leaker, who goes by the username Gurumi Haribo uploaded new content on the Telegram chatroom, which is leading many K-netizens to believe that the leaker may be a YG employee or includes a connection to one.


On the Telegram chatroom, Gurumi Haribo posted an unseen photo of Jisoo in Paris with an excerpt explaining that everything they need to be claimed is true. As proof, the leaker asked Jisoo to upload the identical unseen photo.

A few hours after, the identical photo was posted on Jisoo’s Instagram.


After Jisoo posted the photo, the leaker responded by saying everything they post is “the truth.”


Since the photo was posted, many Korean netizens say that a YG Employee is either sharing the photos with Gurumi Haribo, Gurumi Haribo could be a YG employee, or a YG employee’s social media got hacked and that they do not know it yet.

K-netizens commented, “It’s a staff. They leaked the photo that was sent to the corporate that was imagined to be posted,” “It’s definitely a YG employee or a detailed acquaintance,” “It’s definitely an employee who is sharing the photos…are they crazy?” “That means someone from YG stabbed Jennie’s back,” “It’s definitely someone from YG, that’s why they didn’t really do anything,” “Maybe a YG employee who has access to the members’ private accounts got hacked and that they do not know it yet,” and “I don’t think Jisoo saw the message and posted. That photo was already presupposed to be posted and this person just said that.”

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