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V and Jennie’s leaker informed about the Bighit legal statement!

BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie’s leaker posts a response to the Bighit legal statement. Check out the details right now below!

On September 29, Big Hit Music shared an update on the legal proceedings against malicious commenters and online criminals who violate the rights of the BTS artist. Big Hit Music stated that a “specific poster” spreading malicious rumors about BTS has been identified and can be prosecuted. Many assumed that it had been the user gurumiharibo, but he stated that he didn’t receive any legal notice:

v jennie

“A quarterly statement was released today, same because of the end of each March, June, September, and December. It failed to specify what rumors, and against who, and is usually very vague. Also, I’ve got not received any legal notice from anyone.

Also, I discussed before, if somebody wants to sue me for defamation and/or spreading untruths, I’ll be willing to supply relevant evidence of my claims under the name of the law, so a good and UNBIASED truth is going to be revealed.”

v jennie

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