Shin Min Ah’s Upcoming Drama Diva Released The Posters Of Main Character. It Gives Viewers A Completely New Sense Of The Characters

The upcoming film Diva, starring Shin Min Ah, Lee Yoo Young, and Lee Kyu Hyung has shared a colorful poster of its main! Diva is a mystery thriller about Lee Young (played by Shin Min Ah), nicknamed the diva of the diving world”. After getting into an accident, madness steadily encroaches upon her as she struggles with her lost memories and trying to find her missing friend Soo Jin (played by Lee Yoo Young).  In the new posters, Shin Min Ah faces the camera with a cold expression and one corner of her mouth turned slightly upwards. Shin Min Ah, Lee Yoo Young, and Lee Kyu Hyung all appear as if they are underwater. Shin Min Ah’s poster reads, Did you want to become like me? while the text in Lee Yoo Young’s poster says, I want you to be like me”. Lee Kyu Hyung’s poster writes, Are you confident you won’t let go of that hand? Upcoming Drama “Diva” Released The Posters Of Main CharacterRead more: Im Siwan In Talks To Star As Lead Of New Thriller Film Shin Min Ah has won the hearts of the public through roles in films such as A Bittersweet Life”, The Beast and the Beauty and My Love, My Bride”, she promises to bring many surprises with new through her role as Lee Young. The upcoming drama will premiere on September 23. Stay tuned and wait for further information about the movie.