UP10TION’s Bitto is tested positive with COVID-19. His management agency also had an official announcement regarding this matter. 

On November 30, his agency released the following statement:

"Hello, this is TOP Media.

Our artist UP10TION’s Bitto tested positive for COVID-19. Following the conclusion of his scheduled activities on [November] 29, he was told that he came in close contact with a confirmed case and was tested. His diagnosis was confirmed on the morning of [November] 30.

Our agency artists, staff, and employees who crossed paths or came into contact with Bitto are being tested for COVID-19, and we will take quarantine measures according to instructions by health authorities.

UP10TION’s following scheduled activities have all been cancelled, and once again we will do our best to take care of our artists and manage sanitation for COVID-19.

We sincerely apologize to broadcast representatives and involved staff members as broadcast activities were carried out without knowing that he came into close contact with a confirmed case.

We once again apologize for causing concern.

Thank you."

SBS’s “Inkigayo,” on which UP10TION performed on November 29, also commented, “After hearing of Bitto’s diagnosis, we immediately informed all of the performers and staff. We have secured CCTV footage and are working on checking for everyone who crossed paths or came into close contact.

As UP10TION’s Bitto is tested positive with COVID-19, we wish Bitto a speedy recovery! Don't forget to catch up with more updates and Korean Entertainment News with us every day!