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The thing about Uncontrollably Fond is that it taps into those memories of lost and depressing love that individuals don’t want to appear back anymore in their lives. It is not a happy-ever-after quite romance that appeals typically to almost anyone, instead, Uncontrollably Fond delves into the foremost shameful, most regretful, and most painful things anyone can do due to love.

Emotionally invested isn’t an enormous enough word to explain how this angsty melodrama affected my thoughts, like how I cater to life decisions. Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy really did a good job during this series.

Main Cast: Kim Woo Bin | Bae Suzy | Im Ju Hwan | Im Ju Eun
Network & Episode Count: KBS2 | 20 Episodes
Official Website: Uncontrollably Fond KBS2

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Quick Review

Plot Trajectory: Consistently engrossing but some plot/with minor hiccups along the way
Plot Pace: Slow but knows when to speed up
Character Portrayal: Main Cast overwhelmed the supporting cast
Writing: Writer in a mood-swing alert
Watch on a binge or intervals?: Either Choice Apply
Crowning Moments: Heartfelt Portrayals | Ruminative Love Lessons
Romance/Weepfest Meter: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4/5
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Uncontrollably Fond Quick Plot Summary

Joon Young’s One Great Love

At the peak of his career, debonair top actor Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) receive the news of his terminal illness. to create his fate worse, he meets again the sole woman he ever loved – Noh Eul (Bae Suzy), whom he lost some years ago.

Their tragic love goes way back to when both of them were still at school. Joon Young was raised by his mother to become a prosecutor to follow the footsteps of his famous prosecutor father, who didn’t know he existed.

Noh Eul’s father was a victim of a hit and go past the daughter of a famous politician – Yoon Jung Eun (Im Ju Eun). Jung Eun’s father tasked Joon Young’s father to require care of the matter and closed the case accordingly, but his son Choi Ji Tae (Im Ju Hwan) was trapped in the evil act his father succumbed to.

Noh Eul’s Heartfelt Dream

When Noh Eul secured the evidence which will bring out the justice she was fighting for, Joon Young chose to be a filial son to his father causing Noh Eul to almost lose her life.

Years later, Ji Tae, who was burdened by the wrong-doings caused by his parents, played Noh Eul’s daddy-long-legs in shabby clothes alongside Jung Eun’s betrothed, when he suits up to his CEO persona.

Ji Tae and Joon Young work separately in shielding Noh Eul from the evil claws of their father’s villains. In his dying days, Joon Young decides on a ploy to induce a confession that will pin Jung Eun to her sin. Ultimately, gives Noh Eul his great act of affection before he faces death.

Peak Points

Interestingly Addicting Weep Story

Uncontrollably Fond has put me on all the amount of frustrating emotions I can ever have as a k-dramafan. When the majority k-drama addicts have given up and turned their backs thereon, I remained faithful, hopeful of some miracle which may salvage its disappointing run.

Down to its finale week, i’ve got long accepted that there’ll be no happy ending. At some point, I even begged k-dramagods to prevent the author from her ludicrously hurtful storytelling or to only kill Joon Young and insert an “it has all been a dream” plot because i’ve got never felt bad for K-drama characters before until I stayed with this story.

That being said aside from the temperamental second lead girl who was sketched annoyingly without room for a redeeming dimension, i’ve got praises on the most leads’ heartfelt portrayals whether or not it drained me emotionally with and without tears.

Ruminative Love Lessons

Limited by its pragmatic approach, the writing didn’t swerve to a feel-good direction to appease the agonizing dying-man-all-willing-to-protect-his-woman setting. And that’s the rationale why my forbearance was put to a test in Joon Young and Eul’s love journey.

It highlights contemplative love lessons about how we act irrationally once we can’t get the number of affection we predict we deserve… how the pain we felt to fight for our love doesn’t mean less to the love we gave to remain in an exceedingly relationship… and the way loving at the instant could be a lot more times better than worrying about your future together when love may not be there anymore.

Less the handful amount of heartbreaks I got from Uncontrollably Fond, the rope that tied me to the series involves the crippled yet ardent characters who got doses of realities that true love isn’t always a cheerful thing.

True, I need to that time once I questioned why the characters appeared to be either masochist or lunatic. But the erring and awry cast made the ugly tone premise of the painful narrative sealed the lingering after-effect – when it finally concluded to a saddening and yet gratifying closure.

Heartfelt Portrayals

At the rear of my mind, hopeless romantic me was optimistic that the death premise involved will conclude at a bright ending. However, it closed to its original path.

Joon Young made me cry success at the finale episodes that I forgot the dreary side stories because i used to be crying like an ajumma gloomy and muttering “I waited and that i prayed but you continue to died Joon Young-a!” *chuckles

Nevertheless, it absolutely was a fairly ending, especially that Joon Young video scene. it absolutely was encouraging and delightful that I forego all the disappointments I had with this drama.

I applaud Kim Woo Bin in his portrayal. I hated him together with his choices, but I cried success once I was sending him off. His relationship with the people he loved was shaky and quirky but displayed okay his endearing facets as a personality good or bad.

Suzy suited up to her character fitting in her sass and stubbornness to Joon Young’s adorable ego. Her indecisiveness to square up to the bullies and her payback within the culmination of the story eventually visited show how she picked her battles wisely.

Im Ju Hwan, who was the sole lucid character within the main cast, did an excellent job convincing me that his presence will bring some hope to the table against his power-hungry parents and deranged bride-to-be. Because hell if our dying hero won’t a minimum of get any help, I don’t know what to try and do anymore.

No matter how effective Im Ju Eun’s character was in planning to my nerves, I hated how she was utilized in the story to create it more even damaged. Yet, I can’t help but acknowledge that she’s a key piece that set the most connecting conflict in motion.

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Series Afterthoughts

Uncontrollably Fond won’t appeal to people who crave light and sweet forms of romantic stories. you’ll indulge in the present narrative, but remember that you just are going to be placed on a tormenting spot most of the time.

Though deemed to own been badly written, there’s a convincing thread that held the loyal viewers to the series. that’s the dying scenario of the male lead.

I stayed until the top because I think that not all love stories are wrapped in kisses and sweet memories. There are people who are melancholic and yet go on as someone’s one great love.

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