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Umji (VIVIZ) is more and more beautiful!

Umji (VIVIZ) is becoming more and more beautiful after being questioned about “cutlery”. Check out the details right now!

Umji (VIVIZ) is one of the female idols with a spectacular beauty change journey in the Korean entertainment industry. Although she is a true “radio lady”, Umji has repeatedly faced criticism from public opinion, even sometimes being labeled “the ugliest idol in history”. After all, the youngest VIVIZ still tries his best because of his passion for art.

Returning to the music track with the song “Rum Pum Pum”, VIVIZ received much appreciation from the audience for the beauty and visuals of the members. In particular, Umji impresses with coral orange hair, visually like a queen.


When working with the old group GFRIEND, Umji did not receive high praise for her appearance. Even the female idol was questioned about cosmetic intervention on the nose and chin to become sharper. Umji once went through a long time to lose weight and keep fit. When she re-debuted with VIVIZ, the female idol commented that she was much more beautiful and more fragrant.


Umji is a female idol with a famous family background. Her father is the owner of a famous dental clinic chain in Korea. Thanks to good family economic conditions, the female idol’s siblings all attended prestigious schools.

umji debut

When GFRIEND was a trainee, Umji used to use her parents’ card to cover living expenses for her teammates. To this day, the members often repeat this funny story with the nickname “Umji card”.


Overcoming many prejudices, Umji shines more and more in K-pop. The female idol was praised for her beauty and advanced artistic talent. Especially when re-debuting with VIVIZ, Umji changed dramatically.

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