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Uhm Jung-hwa Couldn’t Be More Excited About 1st Action Film

Uhm Jung-hwa couldn’t be more excited ahead of the release of her new film, which is the first action project she has ever taken part in in her long showbiz career spanning some 30 years.

Uhm Jung-hwa

“I’ve finally been able to realize my dream of starring in an action flick,” Uhm Jung-hwa said at a press event on Monday.

The action comedy revolves around a couple who go on a rescue mission when their plane gets hijacked by terrorists on their first trip overseas.

Uhm Jung-hwa is already one of the most reliable actresses when it comes to a comedy with the realistic portrayal of characters. She wanted to perform action scenes perfectly and on her own, and received months of hard training.

“I had these almost delusional aspirations for action flicks since I’d grown up watching a lot of them. When I received the film’s script, I thought I’ve finally got the chance. The script was really interesting and I wanted to grab the chance,” the actress said.

“I was determined to do the action scenes really well. I went to an action school even before casting was finished. It was like a dream come true. I felt so cool just going there and happy even though training was hard. It was very fun and exciting.”

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The film is scheduled for release in August. It is Uhm Jung-hwa’s first movie in five years since the romantic comedy “Wonderful Nightmare.”


Uhm Jung-hwa is a South Korean singer, actress and dancer. Nicknamed the “evergreen”, Uhm is considered to be one of the most influential women in the Korean entertainment industry, with many female artists recognizing her as a role model.

Uhm began her career in 1987 as a chorus member for the broadcasting company MBC. She made her film debut in the 1992 film Marriage Story, and released her first studio album, Sorrowful Secret, that same year. The album’s lead single, “Pupil” (눈동자), helped to establish her unique image.

Uhm’s fourth studio album was a huge success, bolstered by the singles “Poison” and its title track, “Invitation”. Her signature songs include “Rose of Betrayal”, “Molla”, “Festival” and “Dagara”. Following a nearly decade-long hiatus from music, Uhm released her tenth studio album The Cloud Dream of the Nine in 2017.

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