TXT has proved themselves true to their word!

Cover - TXT has proved themselves true to their word!

TXT has proved themselves true to their word! Xenews believe their fans and netizens are very surprised and excited. What do you think? 

On May 10, just one day after their comeback, TXT’s latest mini-album “minisode 2: Thursday’s Child” soared past 1 million sales, making TXT the second-fastest artist in Hanteo history to have an album hit the 1 million mark.

Last year, when TXT was preparing for their comeback with “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE,” Taehyun famously joked on Weverse, “Since [the album is called] ‘FREEZE,’ if we reach 1 million copies sold, I’ll put Yeonjun in the fridge and have him take on the challenge of staying there for 100 minutes.”

Fans didn’t forget about Taehyun’s promise, and neither did TXT. After “minisode 2: Thursday’s Child” sold over a million copies, the TXT members posted a hilarious video that same day in which Taehyun goes “looking” for Yeonjun in their dorm—only to find him hanging out in their fridge with a popsicle, sunglasses, and a penguin plushie.

TXT wrote in the caption on Twitter, “Keeping our promise! MOA [TXT’s fandom], thank you for loving our album!!”

In the video, Taehyun asks Huening Kai where Yeonjun is, and Huening Kai replies, “I heard he was resting in his room.” It soon becomes apparent that Yeonjun’s “room” is the refrigerator, where he repeatedly declares, “I’m happy about the 1 million copies,” before asking the others, “Can you shut the door? I need to sleep.”

Shortly after the video was posted, “YEONJUN IN THE FREEZER” began trending worldwide on Twitter.

Once again, congratulations to TXT on their impressive achievement!

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