“True Beauty” actress Moon Ga Young flaunts her German-speaking skills in ‘Foodvengers’

Moon Ga Young speaking German to a customer in ‘Foodvengers’. She is indeed blessed beauty and brains!

Did you recognize that Moon Ga Young can actually speak three languages? Yes! she will speak German, English, and Korean. The actress was born in Karlsruhe, Germany, and grew up there. Though she was born in a foreign country, Moon Ga Young’s parents are South Koreans. When she was ten years old, her family decided to maneuver back to Korea.

On an episode of Foodvengers, Moon Ga Young appeared with ASTRO’s Moonbin. the 2 celebrities are known to be close friends since they both started as child actors within the industry. “Foodvengers” may be a new eco-friendly reality show where participants use leftover ingredients to create a replacement menu. particularly, chefs and participants will create and present new menus using leftover ingredients to support zero-waste cooking. The show provides fun and empathy to viewers.

The show features few celebrity guests running a restaurant and in one episode, Moon Ga Young was busy working within the kitchen when ASTRO’s Moonbin rushed inside in a very panic. He immediately explained his situation that there’s a German customer outside. Knowing that Moon Ga Young speaks the German language, Moonbin instantly asked for her help and told her that it’d be better if Moon Ga Young are the one to clarify the menu to the German customer.

Moon Ga Young flaunts her German-speaking skills

A good friend to the rescue, Moon Ga Young, went bent on entertain and serve the German customer. He explained that a Korean friend was answerable for booking the place, but he was running late. Since he acquired the restaurant first, he was served with an appetizer, and therefore the actress explained the food, after all in German. She even checked her recipe record to completely explain the ingredient of the dish to the customer. Well, what are you able to say? Moon Ga Young is certainly a professional in customer service!

Later on, the actress generously taught Moonbin some famous and customary German phrases which may help him in the future. Words like “welcome” and “bon appétit” were some German words that Moonbin learned on its day.

You can catch Moon Ga Young’s fluent German skills below!

Moon Ga Young’s previous works and her latest hit drama “True Beauty”

German-born South Korean actress Moon Ga Young was born on July 10, 1996. The 24-year-old actress became well-known for her portrayal in television dramas like (2011), EXO adjacent (2015), The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 (2015), Mirror of the Witch (2016), Don’t Dare to Dream (2016), Tempted (2018), Welcome to Waikiki 2 (2019), Find Me in Your Memory (2020), and True Beauty (2020).

The actress has just bound up her latest drama, “True Beauty” where it ended with high viewership ratings! The drama could be a remake of the webtoon with an identical title that features the story of affection, friendship, and discovering the essence of true beauty.

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