Top Actor Kim Seon Ho unboxes Top Idol BTS’s Jimin’s DICON Photobook

Top South Korean Actor Kim Seon Ho zealously unboxed Top South Korean Idol BTS’s Jimin DICON photobook package.

On December 27, Dispatch Korea shared on its Youtube channel “Deaser” a video of Kim Seonho unboxing BTS Jimin’s Dicon photo magazine. Seonho stated he is thrilled to unbox Jimin’s magazine as it came out really well and Jimin looks cool.

Seonho read his favorite part of Jimin’s interview in which Jimin was asked about his further goals to be achieved. Jimin answered, “I just want to be happy doing what I’m doing just like now. Seonho praised and completely agreed with Jimin and stated how important it is to be happy doing what you’re doing.

The DICON photobook consists of numerous gorgeous photos of “Photo Genius” Jimin and Seonho scanned through it and picked his most favorite one.

Seonho further explained that he picked the one photo of Jimin above with a caption that says, “This is how a sexy man looks like.” Seonho said he will use Jimin’s photo as a reference for his upcoming photo shoots in which he wants to try a sexy look.

Actor Kim Seonho and BTS Park Jimin both topped the Brand Reputation ranking in their respective categories. Kim Seonho topped November’s brand reputation for Actors while BTS Jimin consistently reigns over Boy Group Brand Reputation and has been number one for 2 years as of December 2020.

As of this writing and in less than 24 hours from its upload time, the video has gained more than 210,000 views and 26,000 likes on Youtube.

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