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Top 7 Nail-Biting K-Dramas For This Plague-Filled Summer

Korean Dramas Are Always Attractive With The Unique Storylines And The Content. To Day, Let’s Check Out Top 7 Nail-Biting K-Dramas For This Plague-Filled Summer

The summers of 2020 have been slow as due to COVID-19 most of the people are following the lockdown restrictions. If you are bored and are looking for a dose of entertainment then we have some great K drama suggestions for you that offer nail-biting suspense and drama. These K dramas will keep your heart pumping because they are full of suspense and horror.

1. “Psychopath Diary”

Psychopath Diary tells the story of a boy Yook Dong Shik and ends up planning to do suicide due to issues in his life. He is stressed out because of being bullied at his workplace and takes the decision to end his life. When he is going to do the deed he witnesses a murder. In order to run for his life, he gets into an accident and loses all his memories. When he wakes up he finds a diary beside him and he thinks that he owns it. The diary makes him believe that he is a murderer. After reading the diary he transforms into the character of the owner of the diary and starts to take revenge on all those people who had made him suffer at his workplace. The drama is full of horror and suspense and will keep you off the edge all through its running time.

 2. “Strangers From Hell”

Strangers from Hell tell the story of a boy who moves to Seoul for work purposes. He is tight on his budget and cannot afford a place where he can live alone. He starts living at a dormitory and meets up with some weird people with a creepy personality. All of them have mysterious personalities and have their dark secrets. Yoon Jong Woo is terrified and horrified because he is scared of all the people around him and finds it hard to survive.

3. “Memorist”

Memorist is a story about a man named Dong Baek who has supernatural powers and can read the mind of the people. He wants to invest his powers into doing good deeds and becomes a detective. He gets in charge of a high profile serial murder case and teams up with another police officer to solve the case. Both of them work together to unveil the secrets and as the story progresses they find out that there is someone near them who is the murderer. Memorist is backed up with some of the best performances by the actors and also has a gripping plot.

4. “Hotel Del Luna”

Hotel Del Luna revolves around a woman Jang Man Wol who is immortal and has supernatural powers. She has sinned in her past life and has killed a lot of people. She runs a hotel that serves ghosts. The humans who are dissatisfied with their lives and die an unfair death don’t go to eternal life because they feel that they have had an unfair life. Jang Man Wol owns a hotel and she provides all the amenities and luxuries to the dead ghosts who haven’t been able to live a good life. She hires a boy called Ko Chan Sung as the hotel manager as his father is indebted to Jang Man Wol.

5. “Kill It”

Talented veterinarian by day and cold-blooded assassin by night, Kim Soo Hyun’s (Jang Ki Yong) duality shields him from open suspicion, allowing him to refine his lethal craft while maintaining the guise of a kind-hearted animal lover. This cover is cracked when a dogged detective named Do Hyun Jin (Nana) ends up on his trail due to a case she is working on. When they realize their pasts are intertwined in complicated ways, the two set out to untangle the mystery behind their fate.

What makes “Kill It” suspenseful, and also deeply sad, is the mystery of the characters’ fate. The plot turns on the notion of childhood being a time of and for innocence and instead shapes it into a window for training before the children, numbered and commoditized, are made ready for more.

6. “Lovely Horribly”

Born at the same time, Philip’s (Park Shi Hoo) and Eul Soon’s (Song Ji Hyo) fortunes were swapped during their childhood years, and since then, Philip has been living a charmed life in the public eye with Lady Luck shining on him at every turn. In sharp contrast, Eul Soon, whose good luck at birth was swapped with Philip’s, suffers from misfortune that was originally meant for the top star. In a curious spin, it also turns out that the balance of luck is a zero-sum game, with one of them being dealt with bad luck whenever the other is happy. When they end up working together on a drama project, things go haywire and the two have to figure out how to strike a balance between their shared fortunes.

The fates of the main characters, in direct juxtaposition in the past, reflect inner greed and the sacrifices that come at the expense of that greed. This tension is further dialed up by the appearance and roles of two spirits that seem to be connected to Philip — who are they and what are they after?

7. “Kingdom”

The Netflix Original returned with Season 2 this year, and already, the horror thriller drama has got us at the edge of our seats itching for more.

Set during the Joseon period, Crown Prince Lee Chang (Joo Ji Hoon) investigates a mysterious plague that has afflicted his ill father, the King of Joseon, and spread like wildfire amongst the populace, turning those who were bitten into the living dead. Part and parcel of a political conspiracy, the Prince has to keep his wits about him to stay alive while preventing the nation from falling into the nefarious grips of the powerful Haewon Cho clan.

Unlike other zombie dramas and films, “Kingdom” doesn’t let the undead become the centerpiece of the plot. Instead, they are used as a machination to deliver the suspense that unfolds with the political power play. As the series transitions from Season 1 to Season 2, the mystery only gets more intriguing, so hang on tight for Season 3!

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