Top 7 Hottest K-Pop dancing machine

In every performance, main dancers of the groups always attract a lot attention. Here are top 7 hottest K-Pop dancing machine that you should check out.

Taeyang (Big Bang)

With a decade long career, Taeyang has proven time and time again that he reigns as the ultimate K-Pop crooner. However, he also has the moves to keep up with his voice! Every performance he does, whether it is solo or with Big Bang, he shows fans that his talent comes naturally! From partner dances to dynamic solo dances like “Ringa Linga”, he is among the best!

Kai (EXO)

EXO‘s main dancer Kai takes center stage in a multitude of EXO performances. His spine-chilling pop and locks excite EXO-L‘s worldwide! In this video, it shows Kai hitting every move in EXO‘s choreography perfectly. Kai is so good at dancing that he even had a dance battle with K-Pop dancing legend, (and also his best friend) Taemin! He is often referred to as the ‘dance machine’ and has proven time and time again that this is the truth!


Taemin (SHINee)

It seems that though Teamin has been dancing up a storm since his start in SHINee, he keeps getting better as the years pass by! Though he is known to be shy and cute off-stage, his demeanor is completely shed when he enters his on-stage performance mode! No one can deny that SHINee has some of the most difficult dance performances of all time. Taemin makes dancing seem effortless and easy! His sharp and dynamic movements are fluid and dramatic. There is no doubt he is here in Top 7 Hottest K-Pop dancing machine.