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Top 5 K-Drama Couples’ Romantic Moment Of Traveling: Taking The Bus!

Here Are K-Drama Top 5 K-Drama Couples’ Romantic Moment Of Traveling: Taking The Bus! It Is So Sweet And Cute Lovely Moments

In every K-drama, taking a bus is one of the many scenes when onscreen couples get to have a romantic moment.

Riding a bus can be a huge part in K-drama couples’ memories shared with their beloved. That is why if you are a K-drama fan, a love story is never without a scene of couples taking a ride in the bus.

Here is a list of K-drama couples who find love and fun in riding a bus while traveling home or work. As you have the chance to ride the vehicle, may you remember these romantic couples and meet someone that will share your seat with.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

1. While You Were Sleeping

Have you ever fallen asleep on the bus, missed your stop, and been horribly late? It happens to the best of us, and it would have happened to Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) too, if not for Hong Joo (Suzy). She sees his future in a dream and decides to change it for him by following him on his way to work. Not only does Hong Joo let Jae Chan sleep on her shoulder, but she also adorably shields his eyes from the sun before waking him right on time. Who needs an alarm clock when a super-powered sweetheart like Suzy comes to your rescue?

2. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Mi Rae (played by Im Soo Hyang) travels to school by bus together with Kyung Suk (played by Cha Eun Woo). While travelling, they spend most of their time sharing about their feelings and their precious time together. It is where they travel and secretly holds hands away from the prying eyes. The young couple in their last bus scene showed the world their feelings for each other. Mi Rae is not shy by letting her lean over his shoulder and vice versa. Young, sweet love, indeed!

3. Dream High

Suzy’s second appearance on this list is from way back when she was a tiny baby idol-actor. Fun fact: this bus scene-turned-kiss scene was one of the first kisses she ever had! It comes at the very end of the drama, as her character Hye Mi sees off Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun) as he leaves for New York, maybe for good. Last time, it was Sam Dong who chased down Hye Mi’s bus as she left, but this time it’s Hye Mi’s turn to chase her boy down. She catches up with the bus at a traffic light, and Sam Dong rolls his window down for the saddest, sweetest parting smooch you ever did see. Come back Sam Dong, don’t leave us Hye Mi!

4. Healer

In this adorable moment, Dramaland’s coolest, most elusive hero turns into that clingy boyfriend who just won’t leave you alone. We can’t say we blame Jung Hoo (Ji Chang Wook). After all, his new girlfriend Young Shin (Park Min Young) just spent the last couple of days spoon-feeding him like the lost baby bird he truly is. After a lifetime of being abandoned by the people closest to him, Jung Hoo finally finds someone who won’t leave him, even though he tries to push her away. It’s no wonder that once he knows she’ll stick around, he sticks to her like glue, even following her onto the bus when she’s trying to leave for work.

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5. Just Between Lovers

This bus scene arrives at a time when Moon Soo (Won Jin Ah) and Kang Doo (Junho) haven’t even admitted their feelings to themselves, let alone to each other. But as the scene unfolds, they give themselves away completely – at least, to those of us alone at home “uwuing” in front of our laptops. Kang Doo grabs Moon Soo’s hand and runs with her so she can catch the last bus. As she boards, she keeps running past the windows to the back of the bus, just so she can look at him for a few seconds longer. He stands on the street and watches her go, as the world around them melts away into a pile of feels.

Which K-drama bus scene do you wish would happen to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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