Top 3 Korean mini-dramas

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Today, Xenews will list the top 3 Korean mini-dramas. Are you excited and expected to know these dramas? Guess some name!

A Korean drama usually consists of 16 episodes. However, because the media environment has changed over the years, the practice of creating 16-part dramas has changed. As a result, franchise dramas and mini-dramas with but 16 episodes are getting popular nowadays. Mini dramas with experimental content like tvN’s Drama Stage and MBC’s SF8 and Love Scene Number are continuously starting. In general, mini-dramas are thought to be more focused on conveying the writer’s tastes instead of appealing to popularity, but that’s not always the case. try these fun and exciting three or four-part dramas with novel ideas.

The Hymn of Death (2018)

This is a trilogy drama about the tragic love between Joseon’s first soprano Yun Shim Deok and her lover and genius playwright, Kim Woo Jin. Shin Hye Sun took on the role of Yoon, a lady who didn’t have the liberty to like her one and only. Lee Jong Seok played Kim Woo Jin, a playwright who doesn’t give up on his tragic fate to win her. Lee voluntarily joined the drama without getting paid out of affection for a mini-drama. The Hymn of Death was well-received for capturing the love between the 2 artists with beautiful cinematography that takes place under brutal Japanese rule. additionally, the drama received attention by re-illuminating Kim Woo Jin’s works, unlike other existing works that are based only on the story of the 2.

You Drive Me Crazy (2018)

While Kim Seon Ho received much attention for his acting in Startup, a two-part romantic comedy You Drive Me Crazy, which he co-starred with Lee Yoo Young, also grabbed attention. Within the drama, two best friends of 8 years spend an unexpected night together. Soon, they get confused between love and friendship. Lee Yoo Young plays Han Eun Seong, a vibrant interpreter. And Kim Seon Ho took the role of Kim Rae Wan, a good-looking playboy, and painter. The refreshing cinematography and heart-fluttering story are the drama’s two outstanding charms. specifically, the kissing scene between the 2 became a subject of debate, exceeding 10 million views on YouTube.

Becky’s Back (2016)

It is a 4-part drama written by Lim Sang Chun, who previously wrote Fight for My Way and When the Camellia Blooms. This drama tells the story of Yang Baek Hee, who ruled Seomwol-do in the past, returning to the town 18 years later with the assumed name Yang So Hee. Comedy, mystery, and romance are well-balanced, and despite being a brief work, it recorded viewership ratings of over 10% and gained immense popularity. It delightfully portrays the mystery of Baek Hee’s past and her romance. And it follows Yang’s daughter Ok Hee’s hunt for a father at a quick pace. it’s also fun to look at the actors that play strong personalities. it’s observed because of the predecessor of When the Camellia Blooms.

Here are the top 3 Korean mini-dramas! Don’t forget to catch up with the latest Korean movie news with us every day!