Top 15 “must watch” KDramas of the 2020

15 best kdrama in 2020

2020 is such a special year that we shall never forget. Due to that, here is the list of 15 special K-dramas you must watch and should never miss. 

#15. Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class character

The story is about young people who try to be successful in an urban street -Itaewon. Park Seo Royi (Park Seo Joon) is a young man with a big dream. He starts business in Itaewon street by running a restaurant with his close mate.

The drama steals our hearts with a great storyline and good acting. The most important lesson we learned from Itaewon Class is never giving up.

Park Sae Roy and staffs

If you are struggling in your life, XeNews highly recommends you watching this drama!

#14. Record Of Youth

Park Bo Gum returns on-screen after serving Military Service in the drama about young love. Moreover, this is the newest drama of Park So Dam since the Oscar winner movie Parasite.

record of youth characters

The story follows Sa Hye Jun (Park Bo Gum) a model who tries to be an actor but failed. He meets Ahn Jeong Ha (Park So Dam) a make-up artist by chance.

The drama comes from the love triangle between Hye Jun and his friend Won Hae Hyo (Byeon Woo Seok) with Jeong Ha.

“Record Of Youth” New Stills of Park Bo Gum Transforms Into A Model

#13. The King: The Eternal Monarch

The sci-fi series is starring Lee Min Ho as Lee Goon, the true King of the Correa Kingdom, and Kim Go Eun as Jong Tae Eul a female officer in The Republic of Korea.

Cover - Kim Go Eun will be starring in a new drama adaptation of a popular webtoon!

By an accident, Lee Goon travels through space and get lost in Tae Eul’s World. On the way to get back, He has to fight back his biggest enemy and protect his lover.

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#12. Tale Of The Nine-Tailed

This Lee Dong Wook‘s new show is a little bit scary with lots of thrillers scene. Aside from that, the story is about a Lee Yeon, a thousand years Gumiho in love with a documentary filmmaker Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah).

The drama also has Kim Bum (High Kick, Boys Over Flower) as Lee Yeon’s little brother.

#11. Hospital Playlist

Five people study in the same medical school. After graduating, they are all doctors and work in the same hospital.

The series shows us their career centered around gaining life and helping people.

8 Fashionable Doctors That Bring Style To Medical K-Dramas - The Doctors of “Hospital Playlist”

Season 1 is now one of the highest-rated K-drama series ever.

Cover - “Hospital Playlist” will begin filming season 2 this year

Therefore, season 2 is set up to release in 2021.

#10. Extracurricular

Kim Dong Hee (Sky Castle) plays the main role Oh Ji Soo in the series. He and his friends are three students willing to do anything to earn money.

Their’s obstinacy puts them in trouble such as facing dangerous enemies.

It will take the audience a few episodes to understand the storyline before they get surprised by the plot twist at the end.

#9. The Uncanny Counter

In a group of five people, each one has a special ability. They call themself “Counter”.

Working in a noodle restaurant by day but become The Ghostbuster by night. Their mission is to hunt down all the evil spirits in the city.

memebers of the uncanny counter
Casts of “The Uncanny Counter”

Being received well by the audience, this series sure make you binging in a few days.

"The Uncanny Counter"

#8.  Hi Bye, Mama!

This is the return of Kim Tae Hee (Stairway to heaven, Love Story in Havard) after marrying the famous pop star Rain.

The drama tells us a touching story of a dead woman trying to reconnect with her family.

The audience sure will be crying hardly watching the Mother and daughter love through the incredible acting of Kim Tae Hee.

#7. The Penthouse

Coming in the last of 2020, The Penthouse reminds us of the old school K-drama with many arguments and rage scenes.

The series is about the war of the upper classes to gain money and power.

"The Penthouse"

Season 1 has made a big hit with high rated from the audience. And people are waiting for season 2.

Pic 1 - “The Penthouse” has revealed new stills

#5. Kingdom 

Ju Ji Hoon (Hyena, Goong) is likely born to play the “Prince role”. The character Prince Shin from the dram Goong (2006) is unforgettable with the audience.

In this series, He and his friends have to save the whole kingdom from the zombie’s army

The last episode shows us an unknown character played by Jun Ji Hyun (My love from the star, Legend of the Blue sea). Who is she? and What her purpose? We will have the answer when season 3 comes out.

#4. Hyena

2020 is such a successful year for Ju Ji Hoon, he got nominated the Best Actor for the Baeksang Award due to his role in attorney Yoon Hee Jae.

The series centered on the competition of Hee Jae and the girl he loves Geum Ja (Kim Hye Soo) in court.

Pic 4 - The top 10 Korean actors of 2020

#3. It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

Moon Gang Tae (Kim Soo Huyn) is a caretaker at the mental hospital. Ko Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji), a child book writer who is antisocial as she had an unhappy childhood.

10 K-Dramas That Marked Actors’ Return From The Military
Kim Soo Hyun in “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”

After lots of troubles, they have more in common than they thought. And that’s how their love grows.

Not only the two characters look gorgeous but they also have wonderful love chemistry.

On July 31, tvN’s “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” decided to film ends without a wrap party due to to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

#2. Start-Up

Another last 2020 show in this list, the drama pairs Bae Suzy (Dream High, Vegabond) and a new star Nam Joo Hyuk (Cheese in the Trap, Weightlifting Fairy) in a romantic love story.

However, the second lead actor Kim Seon Ho (Waikiki, 100 days Prince) is the spotlight of the show.

Cover - Kim Seon Ho praised his 'Start-Up' co-stars

The love triangle of three young gorgeous characters is the main reason you should watch this now.

"Start Up"

#1. Crash Landing On You

There is no doubt, this is the drama series that no one could miss in 2020.

The couple Son Ye Jin and Huyn Bin had done their best in acting to give us one of the best love stories on screen ever.

The way they act was so natural as they are a real love couple in life. Moreover, the story is full of interesting, romantic, and funny thanks to the talented writer Park Ji Eun (My love from the star, Legend of the blue sea).

Congratulation, Captain Ri and Lady Yoon, you guys are great! Definitely, you must see them in Crash Landing On You.

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