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Top 10 Solid Korean Films To Watch At Night (Part 1)

Here is the list of top 10 solid korean film to watch at night.

1. “The Beauty Inside”

Yi Soo (Han Hyo Joo) has gotten herself into a very unique relationship. The man she has fallen in love with changes physical appearances every time he wakes up from sleeping. His physicality can morph into anything from a little boy into an old man, or even a woman. Despite this challenge, Yi Soo is determined to be with the man she loves and is willing to overcome whatever obstacle comes their way.The Beauty Inside (Top 10 Solid Korean Films)

“The Beauty Inside” is the perfect romantic flick. Yi Soo’s love and dedication for a man who has a very unique condition is so inspiring yet heart breaking to see. Her romantic journey with Woo Jin is one that is far from anything you’ve ever seen, which is one of the reasons why it’s arguably one of the best Korean romantic movies ever. You also won’t be able to get over all the actors who play Woo Jin, the male character. There’s Park Seo Joon, Seo Kang Joon, Lee Hyun Woo, Lee Jin Wook, and Yoo Yeon Seok, to name a few! Pretty stellar, right?

2. “On Your Wedding Day”

Woo Yeon (Kim Young Kwang) is a bit of a goofball who doesn’t really care to think about his future. That is, until he meets Seung Hee (Park Bo Young). Woo Yeon falls in love at first sight with Seung Hee when she transfers to his school. He immediately tries to become her friend, and the two become pretty close, but when various life circumstances get in the way, it prevents the two from ever progressing into a relationship. So when the two meet as adults, it’s Woo Yeon’s chance to profess his love to Seung Hee and to see where their relationship could go.On Your Wedding Day (Top 10 Solid Korean Films)If you like a realistic love story with realistic expectations, “On Your Wedding Day” is the one to watch. The love story between Woo Yeon, which also happens to mean fate in Korean, and the girl he loves, Seung Hee, is one that you want to root for and hope will have a happy ending. The two struggle throughout their adulthood trying to find the right time to be together, and you’ll find yourself being just as anxious for the two to be a couple. It also has to be mentioned that the chemistry between Kim Young Kwang and Park Bo Young will have you feeling the intensity of the summer heat. They’re too cute together!

3. “Train to Busan”

Seok Woo (Gong Yoo) is a fund manager in Seoul and is separated from his wife. The two have a daughter named Soo An, but she lives with Seok Woo. On the night before her birthday, Soo An begs her father to go see her mom in Busan. He finally caves and decides to take her via train. What they don’t know is that on this train, there is a passenger who has been bitten and infected by zombies. It becomes a train ride where they have to fight for survival.Train to busan (Top 10 Solid Korean Films)There probably aren’t too many people out there who haven’t watched “Train to Busan,” but for those of you who haven’t, this is an obvious one to watch. Even if you’re not into the gore and zombie theme, this movie somehow manages to tug at your heartstrings and might even make you shed a tear or two. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, and there are several heroes throughout the movie who you’ll totally fall for.

4. “Be With You”

Woo Jin (So Ji Sub) has been in love with Soo Ah (Son Ye Jin) for as long as he can remember. He blew his chance of getting close to her at all in high school, but after years of being unable to forget her, he decides to contact her. The two meet, start dating, and then eventually get married. They have a son named Ji Ho, but after a few years, Soo Ah passes away. Then one rainy day, she reappears in a tunnel, leaving Woo Jin shocked but overjoyed.Be With You (Top 10 Solid Korean Films)Get the tissues ready because “Be With You” is the movie that will give you a reason to cry your heart out. First off, So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin are almost guaranteed to have sizzling chemistry with their costars, so you can imagine how believable their love for each other in this movie is. They’ve got a connection that is hard to see past, which is one of the main reasons why this drama is so good. You also have the script with the theme of second chances for those who have lost a loved one, which is enough to make your heart cry.

5. “A Violent Prosecutor”

Byun Jae Wook (Hwang Jung Min) gets sentenced to prison after a suspect in his case gets killed. He meets Chi Won (Kang Dong Won) in prison, and the two form a plan to get Chi Won acquitted and to get revenge on the people who put Jae Wook in jail. They use their connections to help each other while carrying out their prison sentence.A Violent Prosecutor (Top 10 Solid Korean Films)If you’re looking for a little light-hearted crime and vengeance movie, “A Violent Prosecutor” is perfect. It’s got the added bonus of being pretty darn funny, and it’s totally worth watching to see Kang Dong Won do a bit of dancing. Also, being able to see Hwang Jung Min and Kang Dong Won together in one flick is a pretty big blessing. You won’t be disappointed!

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