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Top 10 Classic Must-Watch K-Dramas You Must See

With kilig-inducing, heart-wrenching and comedic scenes, as well as unpredictable plot twists—not to mention, good-looking oppas (male leads)—you might just be convinced to start binge-watching K-Dramas. Top 10 Classic Must-Watch K-Dramas You Must See

1. Endless Love: Autumn in My Heart (2000)

Top 10 Classic Must-Watch K-Dramas
Top 10 Classic Must-Watch K-Dramas

Yoon Joon-suh (Song Seung-heon) and Yoon Eun-suh (Song Hye-kyo) grow up as siblings until one day, they discover they are not related when Eun-suh needs blood transfusion after an accident. They get separated when Joon-suh’s real sister returns but meet again after a decade when he comes back to Korea from the US. They overcome odds as they realize their romantic feelings for each other.

2. Endless Love: Winter Sonata (2002)

Top 10 Classic Must-Watch K-Dramas
Top 10 Classic Must-Watch K-Dramas

Joon Sang (Bae Yong-joon) and Jung Yoo-jin (Cho Ji-woo) are young lovers whose romance is cut short when Joon-sang meets a car accident and Yoo-jin is led to believe he died. Suffering from amnesia, his mother brings him to the US to start anew. Their story continues 10 years later when he returns to Korea, while Yoo-jin is engaged to another man.

3. Stairway to Heaven (2003)

Top 10 Classic Must-Watch K-Dramas

Starring Kwon Sang-woo and Choi Ji-woo, Stairway to Heaven follows the story of childhood friends Han Jung-suh and Cha Song-joo whose friendship eventually develop into romance. Her stepsister and stepbrother bring hindrances to her relationship with Song-joo and do everything to tear them apart. When Song-joo leaves Korea to study in America and returns three years later, the much-awaited reunion of the lovers is filled with so much obstacles and drama (read: a character loses his memories, someone gets ill, and another commits suicide).

4. Lovers in Paris (2004)

Top 10 Classic Must-Watch K-Dramas

This is a first of three series in the Lovers trilogy, followed by Lovers in Prague and Lovers. Lovers in Paris stars Kim Jung-eun as Kang Tae-young and Park Shing-yang as Han Ki-joo. The daughter of a film director, Tae-young does her father’s wish and studies film in Paris, where she finds herself working as a housekeeper of Ki-joo to support herself. Not satisfied with her work, he fires her, but rehires her when he finds out she comes from the same hometown as the wife of his potential business partner. They agree for her to pretend as his girlfriend, but the fake-girlfriend plan would have them parting ways on bad terms. She leaves Paris to return to Seoul, where more twists and conflicts involving their families threaten to put their relationship on hold.

5. Full House (2004)

This rom-com is about the cheerful, aspiring writer Han Ji-eun (Song Hye-kyo) and the stubborn, popular Korean actor Lee Young-jae (Rain). Ji-eun lives in a house called “Full House” built by her late father. One day, she goes on vacation upon her friends’ prodding, only to find out later that they have tricked her and sold her house. She and Young-jae meet on the plane and share some funny moments together during her vacation. When she returns to Korea, she finds out her house has been sold to him. To get her house back, she decides to work as his maid and they live together in the Full House; they later enter a contract marriage to make his crush jealous until they fall for each other.

6. My Girl (2005)

Joo Yoo-rin (Lee Da-hae) is a native of Jeju island, whose father is a gambler and has a lot of debts. When her father runs away, she does her best to support herself and pay off her father’s debts. Later, she meets Seol Gong-chan (Lee Dong-wook), who is an heir to a huge hotel business. He then asks her to pretend as his grandfather’s long-lost granddaughter in exchange for money. His grandfather grows fond of her, so much so that he recovers from his illness. The challenge comes for the lead characters when they need to live together under one roof under the pretense of being cousins. Eventually, they get attracted to each other, but they have to keep their feelings because, as “cousins,” they cannot fall in love with each other.

7. My Lovely Sam Soon (2005)

Kim Sam-soon (Kim Sun-a) is a 29-year-old baker who gets fired from her job and finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her on Christmas day. She then meets Hyun Ji-heon (Hyun Bin), the owner of the upscale French restaurant Bon Appetit, where she is hired as the new pastry chef. Their connection deepens when she agrees to pretend as his girlfriend, because his mother constantly sets him up for matchmaking dates. They each go through personal struggles until they realize they want to go through those things with each other.

8. Princess Hours (2006)

Top 10 Classic Must-Watch K-Dramas

Crown prince Lee Shin (Ju Ji-hoon) and commoner Shin Chae-kyung (Yoon Eun-hye) are betrothed as agreed by their grandfathers. Shin’s cousin Yul develops feelings for Chae-kyung while she’s coping with life as a royal and the fact that Prince Shin loves another woman. Eventually, the prince falls in love with her.

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9. Coffee Prince (2007)

Choi Han-kyul (Gong Yoo), heir to a large coffee business, refuses to go on blind dates set up by his grandmother and takes over an old coffee shop. He meets boyish Go Eun-chan (Yoon Eun-hye) and offers her a deal to pretend as his “gay” lover, to escape the blind dates. Without knowing she is actually a woman, he realizes he is in love with her.

10. Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Korea’s version of Taiwan’s Meteor Garden is also set in a high school where four wealthy students, the F4 led by Gu Jun-pyo (Lee Min-ho), play pranks on other students, including Geum Jan-di (Ku Hye-sun). He starts liking her while she initially likes another F4 member.

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