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Tiktok is apparently deleting Korean celebrities’s accounts

TikTok is apparently deleting Korean celebrities’s accounts. However, no explanations were given from TikTok representatives.

TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing social networking service that has gained popularity globally. The app is facing a lot of scrutiny because of security issues and now a few accounts that belong to Korean celebrities have been deleted. The company behind the app, ByteDance, has told JTBS News they cannot explain why the accounts were deleted.

Many Korean celebrities, such as Gary from Leessang, have turned to TikTok to further communicate and interact with fans internationally, including fans in China.

TikTok - Tiktok is apparently deleting Korean celebrities's accounts

Gary created a TikTok account after gaining fandom in China. With followers close to 1.5 million, his account disappeared all of a sudden recently. The videos and photos he has uploaded are nowhere to be found.

Gary‘s account wasn’t the only case. HyunA‘s account which had almost 2.8 million followers also disappeared along with Super Junior Heechul‘s account.

This was discovered when a Chinese netizens posted on an online community saying “I can’t search for the accounts of Korean Celebrities” on July 12th.

Hyoyeon - Tiktok is apparently deleting Korean celebrities's accounts

There are thirteen Korean celebrity accounts that have disappeared including celebrities such as Rain, MAMAMOO, and Hyoyeon.

A representative from TikTok stated “That might be caused by the celebrities entertainment companies. However, we cannot tell you further information as to what must have happened or why it happened.

Some Chinese netizens wonder if China has put a ban on Korean products and Korean culture. However, there are still a few Korean celebrity accounts that exist such as the account for Seventeen and actor Ryu Joon Yeol. This matter is causing controversy in some online platforms.

Hope there will be recovery from Korean celebrity accounts. In the meantime, stay updated with Korean Entertainment News with us!

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