Throwback Yonghwa Seohyun couple – The cute potato couple of We Got Married!

A throwback to the Yonghwa Seohyun couple moments from MBC’s “We Got Married”. Let’s check the details with us right now below!

Get to know Yonghwa of CN Blue and Seohyun, a former member of Girls’ Generation

Yonghwa is a vocalist and also the leader of the South Korean boy band CN Blue. Seohyun is a former member of the legendary girl group Girls’ Generation. Yonghwa, who is additionally a singer and songwriter, is under FNC, and Seohyun worked under SM Entertainment. They were together on the range show titled We Got Married Season 2 as husband and wife, in a very virtual marriage in 2010. This couple received lots of attention during their episodes in WGM. Interested in this couple? Keep reading to seek out more!

About the YongSeo Couple

yong seo

YongSeo couple refers to Yonghwa and Seohyun or, as fans called them, “goguma couple” (sweet potato couple). they need such significantly different characters; Yonghwa is sociable and tends to be as playful as a boy, while Seohyun is shy, mature, naive, obedient to the rule, and a bookworm. They were both still young at the time of their virtual marriage, Yonghwa was 21 years old and Seohyun was only 19. They became the primary young couple in We Got Married Season 2, which start from episode 40 until episode 91 (51 episodes), in August 2010.

First Meeting

yong seo first meeting

They had their first meeting within the MBC lobby. Seohyun was coming to determine her very first husband, and he or she didn’t have any clue who it’d be. Meanwhile, the CN Blue members were gathering within the lobby, the playful Yonghwa was purported to make a group with Seohyun, but Jungshin was pretending to be Seohyun’s husband, instead. The naive Seohyun believed Yonghwa’s game, then again Yonghwa asked Seohyun if she had to decide on who would become her husband between all the members of CN Blue, which person she would choose by covering them with a blanket. Surprisingly, Seohyun chose Yonghwa by putting the blanket over his body. Then, Yonghwa, together with his big smile, revealed that he was the important husband. After that, Yonghwa brought Seohyun to his practice room, he showed her the way to play the guitar, then they grabbed some food and acquired their couple rings, which were only 2000 won (around 2 USD).

Memorable Scenes

yong seo

On the 22nd day of their relationship, Seohyun wanted to celebrate by donating her blood, but Yonghwa had just come from another country so he couldn’t make a donation. rather than canceling the donations, Seohyun still did it alone, what an angel heart she has! at the moment, they visited the bank to open a joint account for the household. Such a thoughtful couple!

When Seohyun’s birthday rolled around, Yonghwa perceived to have forgotten about it, which made her sad. Then Yonghwa asked Seohyun to travel fishing with him. She was surprised that Yonghwa actually bought her a field, and therefore the field isn’t just a daily field, it absolutely was a SWEET POTATO FIELD! As a sweet potato lover, Seohyun was surprised and happy. She never thought that she would ever get a sweet potato field as a birthday present. They did some farming together, and after ages, Yonghwa had a second surprise for her. He had planted a necklace at the sector before they went there together, Seohyun was again shocked. What a romantic Yonghwa!

yong seo farming

After farming, they went fishing and Yonghwa left for a touch bit to shop for mosquito repellent. While he was gone, Seohyun prepared a surprise for Yonghwa, since his birthday was so near hers. Seohyun surprised Yonghwa when she sang him a song with a little guitar and gave him a book about the Yongseo couple that she wrote herself. On the last page of the book, she attached a replacement couple’s ring. Since Yonghwa’s first ring had broken, Seohyun bought him a brand new one, which was manufactured from alloy.


When they were stepping into their house together, some SNSD (Girls Generation) members and Jungshin from CN Blue came to assist manage the place and gave them housewarming gifts. Seohyun and Yonghwa gave their home an AVATAR theme so that they put many stuffed animals in their house.

They also had some cute moments when Yonghwa challenged Seohyun to play billiards, saying the one who loses has got to give the winner a piggyback ride home, Seohyun lost.

yongseo back

In another episode, they were rehearsing together. On the way back home, they made another bet, now about playing basketball. Seohyun won the sport, so Yonghwa had to hold her home.

yong seo back

Another cute moment happened when CN Blue was just coming to Korea from a concert in Thailand. Seohyeon surprised him by hiding within the baggage behind CN Blue’s car. All the CN Blue members were shocked, especially Yonghwa, once they wanted to induce their guitar and he or she came out from their railcar.

yongseo car

They also visited Yonghwa’s parents in Busan, the second biggest city after Seoul. They slipped train and ended up falling asleep together. How cute they look!

yongseo sleep

In the scene below, Seohyun said she was felt cold and Yonghwa put his arms around her to stay warm. Then, Seohyun admitted that she made him a shawl. So thoughtful, Seohyun!

yongseo arm

Their relationship wasn’t always about love, they were also productive. They made a song titled “Banmal Song,” and Seohyun helped write the lyrics. They filmed their performance singing this song.

yong seo guitar

During the last concert in Japan, Yonghwa lost the headband from Seohyun. By way of apology, Yonghwa made a hand-crafted scarf for Seohyun and gave her a book about the journey of him making the headscarf in between his work commitments. So sweet!

yongseo draw

A bonus for you! See Yonghwa and Seohyun’s wedding photos below!

wedding wedding wedding

Couple Performance


They even performed together, singing “Run Devil Run” (Girls’ Generation’s song) and “Sarang Bit” (CN Blue song). Their charismatic performance underlined their intimacy with their audience.

End of Their Season

yongseo last day

In their last episode together Yonghwa gave Seohyun one last, memorable gift, a pink guitar!

Before they separated, they took the money from their joint checking account and used the money to urge a massage together.


Since it had been their end of the world, they agreed to try to do activities the way they did once they first meet. They wore identical clothes, talked the identical topics, and visited Yonghwa’s practice room at MBC.

When they arrived within the CN Blue practice room, Yonghwa asked Seohyun if she still remembered the way to play guitar, and she or he said no. Unexpectedly, she could play and sing Banmal, Yonghwa was surprised and happy. Later on, once they arrived home, they enjoyed their time together in their house for the last time.


They also drank banana milkshakes for the last time together.

drink milk

So, here is the last photo of them in their AVATAR home.

last ep

For the last time, Yonghwa dropped Seohyun off at her real house. They exchanged gifts and Seohyun even cried seeing Yonghwa for the last time. They said goodbye and hugged one another.


After The Show


After We Got Married Season 2, they had a chance to sing together again! They sang “Banmal Song” at the Niigata Concert, Japan, the song that they wrote together while they were on the show.

Even after their appearance in We Got Married ended, Yonghwa declared his love for his “wife” Seohyun on the range shows Strong Heart.

A fansite that’s dedicated to cheering YongSeo revealed that they will have a possible relationship since they’re now living within the same building! Yonghwa confirmed on Radio Star in 2014 that he and Seohyun indeed lived within the same unit, but denied the rumor that they were during a relationship.

He also clarified the rumor that he had been seen moving into Seohyun’s car because it clad that his and Seohyun’s registration number plate numbers are similar, so he once mistook Seohyun’s van for his own. He said on the show, “Everyone, we are really not dating.”

In 2017, this pair reunited again as MCs once they hosted the Golden Disk Awards. Many core fans were excited about Yonghwa and Seohyun being along with one another again, saying they missed the couple’s virtual romance.


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