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“Three Bold Siblings” shares new stills of Jo Hwan and Ha Na!

For “Three Bold Siblings,” Im Joo Hwan and Lee Ha Na are committed to nailing their kiss scene. Check out the details right now!

Here is a brand-new making-of-film for “Three Bold Siblings” episodes 13 through 16!

Im Joo Hwan plays Lee Sang Joon, an A-list actor and the eldest son of his family, in the KBS romance drama “Three Bold Siblings.” He re-meets Kim Tae Joo (Lee Ha Na), his elementary school sweetheart, who is also the eldest of her siblings and grew up giving everything for her family when he gets into an unexpected accident while filming.

Im Joo Hwan and Lee Ha Na’s kissing sequence was the video’s standout moment. While the scene itself undoubtedly caused viewers to experience a wide range of emotions, the seconds prior to the shot being taken were a little unexpected. The director took the initiative to demonstrate to the two actors how he intended the moment to unfold, not afraid to step in for Lee Ha Na and approach Im Joo Hwan rather closely in order to ensure that the scenario turned out exactly as he had imagined it. The actor couldn’t help but become agitated and laughed as the director just kept going over his justification.

Three Bold Siblings

Another amusing occurrence occurred during a scene during Lee Sang Min’s (Moon Ye Won) wedding. In one scene, Yang Dae Hyuk is run over by Moon Ye Won, who also knocks his phone to the ground. Yang Dae Hyuk was really perplexed when, during the actual filming, her dress picked up his phone along the way and carried it a fair distance away from him.

Three Bold Siblings

Although Kim So Eun and Yang Dae Hyuk made care to showcase their fantastic in-person friendship after the cameras stopped rolling, Kim So Eun was also very thrilled to shoulder-check Yang Dae Hyuk in their scene together.

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