These Korean actors over 40 years old are still ravishing and beautiful

These sizzling hot Korean actors are over 40 years old. These men will make you fall in love!

Many actors are sexy but these Korean male actors are, indeed, sort of fine wine. They’re in their prime age, but they’re still ravishing and beautiful as after they were younger.

With their looks, it’s hard to inform of their age unless we get to grasp their birth dates. Here’s the list of the hottest Korean actors in their 40s.

Joo Jin Mo

His great body and handsome face don’t show his actual age of 45 years old. He has attractiveness and height with a great physique, so little doubt that he’s on this list.

Joo Jin Mo completed his education at Incheon National University and Chung-Ang University. When it involves acting, he has proven himself with the nominations and awards he received. He was awarded Best Actor within the historical filmA Frozen Flower.

Yoo Ji Tae

Yoo Ji Tae may be a handsome, talented actor. He’s a model, theater director, and screenwriter.

Yoo Ji Tae started his career as a manikin and he walked the runway for the Seoul Fashion Artist and other big names within the industry. He rose to fame in 2000 after a series of hit films and television appearances came in. He’s proven his acting ability by receiving various acting awards.

Not only that but he’s also active in his philanthropic efforts in helping the community, not only in South Korea but in Myanmar, where he donated funds to create schools. He contributed to setting a kindergarten school in Nepal. These are just to call some of the many projects he participated in helping people and animal welfare.

Jang Hyuk

He stands at 1.77 and has practiced Jeet Kune Do for quite 10 years. He’s a former professional Taekwondo athlete.

Jang Hyuk is an actor and a rapper with beauty and incorporates a great body. He became popular for his leading roles within the films “Volcano High”, “The Slave Hunters”, Shine Or Go Crazy, and “Tell Me What You Saw” in 2020. he’s one of the handsome male actors without surgery.

So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub, at a young age, was an actor, model, and into hip-hop music. He competed and bagged the medal as an athlete in swimming at the Korean National Game. He’s been doing diligence within the right way that he became the goodwill ambassador of Gangwon Province. This initiative led to assist boost tourism and that they named “So Ji Sub Road” for a whole road after him. He also won and was nominated in many acting awards in recognition of his performance.

Won Bin

He gained wide popularity in his role within the series Autumn In My Heart. he’s known for being the foremost selective actor within Korean showbiz because he chooses and selects projects that are of his interest. His attractiveness made entertainers in Korea see him jointly as the simplest sample of an honest-looking man. He has authored books and could be a UNICEF Goodwill ambassador with various programs and charity events he joins.

Nam Goong Min

Nam Goong Min is an actor, a director, and a screenwriter. He completed his studies at Chung-Ang University with a degree in engineering science. he’s known for his roles within the film “A Dirty Carnival”, Doctor Prisoner, and “Hot Stove League”. He appeared in music videos, variety shows, and reality shows except for acting in drama series and doing films.

Song Seung Hun

Without a doubt, his beauty and manly aura make him hot even at the age of 43 years old. He’s into modeling, acting, and now a successful businessman. He gained stardom when he was cast within the hit TV drama Autumn In My Heart and in Summer Scent with co-star Son Ye Jin. Catch him because of the handsome psychiatrist in Dinner Mate!

Lee Byung Hun

Lee Byung Hun is an actor, singer, and model. He’s known for his good performance for his add a good range of genres in K-dramas and films. He cast in films not only in South Korea but Hollywood still.

Lee Byung Hun graduated from Hanyang University with a serious in French Literature and completed graduate studies at Chung-Ang University with a significant in Theater and Cinematography.

Kwon Sang Woo

He gained stardom within the melodrama series Stairway to Heaven. He’s also a successful businessman and one of every one of the shareholders of the resort Ocean Blue Hotel Bali.

Gong Yoo

With the hot body and height is 1.84 m (6’0″), Gong Yoo will make you want to smile with him all day. The man studies at Kyunghee University with a passion is Theater. Now, he is a famous Korean actor with a large number of fans from all over the world. He is best known for his main characters in the TV series: Coffee Prince (2007) and “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin) (2016–2017),… Besides, he joined some movies which are famous around the world: The Suspect” (2013), Train to Busan (2016), and The Silent Sea (2021),… 

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