The truth behind Song Song couple

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On June 27, actor Song Joong Ki announced that he is going to be divorcing his wife and Descendants of the Sun costar, actress Song Hye Kyo. The couple wed on October 31, 2017, and are married for 20 months. the subsequent may be a recap of the Song couple’s whirlwind romance, marriage, and sudden divorce.

Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Meet For the primary Time

Most fans were introduced to the Song couple through their 2016 K-Drama, Descendants of the Sun, but which will not are the primary time Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo met.

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The actors were reportedly introduced back in 2013 through Jo In Sung, who starred in the drama That Winter, the Wind Blows with Song Hye Kyo.

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Many top actors were approached for the role of Yoo Si Jin in Descendants of the Sun, but the show’s production process (pre-produced and filmed overseas) led to several turning the role down. Consequently, Jo In Sung recommended Song Joong Ki to the assembly staff.

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In 2015, Song Joong Ki attended his first script reading for the drama, just two days after being discharged from the military. Song Hye Kyo was also present. The couple filmed their first scene together on June 12, 2015, in Seoul.

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The Song Couple’s Romance, On And Off Screen

In 2016, Descendants of the Sun viewers fell crazy with the romance between soldier Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki) and doctor Kang Moyeon (Song Hye Kyo). Little did they know that this on-screen couple’s romance was real.

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In March 2016, the Song couple’s agencies denied dating rumors, after the 2 were spotted sharing a meal in NY. After the couple’s relationship became public in July 2017, it absolutely was revealed that they’d been romantically involved since mid-2015.

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Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Tie The Knot

The Song couple announced their marriage plans in July 2017 and that they held their wedding on October 31, 2017. Song Joong Ki proposed to his wife within the winter of 2016 in Japan, where she was functioning at the time.

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Many of the stars’ famous friends attended the marriage, including Park Bo Gum, Park Hyung Sik, and Super Junior‘s Donghae.

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Song Joong Ki Files For Divorce From Song Hye Kyo

After 20 months of marriage, Song Joong Ki announced through his lawyer, Park Jae Hyun, that he are going to be filing for divorce from Song Hye Kyo. Song Hye Kyo reportedly didn’t understand that he had submitted the divorce application until after the news went public.

“Hello, this is often Song Joong Ki

First of all, I apologize for bringing bad news to everyone who loves and cares about me.

I have arranged for my divorce from Song Hye Kyo.

We both hope to settle the divorce process in a very smooth manner, instead of attack and blame one another.

Please understand that it’s difficult to reveal stories about our personal lives.

From now on, I will be able to try my best as an actor to repay everyone with good works.”

— Song Joong Ki

Lawyer Park later stated that the couple will finalize their divorce through mediation, and also the divorce can be finalized in as little as a month. Divorce proceedings are expected to start this month. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will reportedly be dividing up over 100 billion Won ($86 million) in combined assets.

The Song couple had purchased an opulent single house in Itaewon just some months before they officially got married. in step with news reports, the couple got rid of their honeymoon home months before his announcement. A neighbor, however, claims that the couple never moved into the house.

Song Hye Kyo Releases Statement About The Divorce

Soon after the news of their divorce broke, Song Hye Kyo released an announcement, revealing that she and Song Joong Ki were divorcing because of personality differences.

“Hello, this is often Song Hye Kyo’s agency UAA.

First, we are sorry to greet everyone with bad news.

Out actress, Song Hye Kyo, is currently divorcing her husband after careful consideration between the 2.

The reason was thanks to their differences in personality. the 2 were unable to beat their differences, which led to the current decision.

We politely fire your understanding as we cannot confirm more details, because it’s both of the actors’ private lives.

Also, we ask that you just please refrain from leaving provocative or speculative comments on the matter.

We are sorry to cause worry. we are going to try our greatest to greet you all with a higher side within the future.

Thank you.”


Events Leading Up The The Divorce

Months before the divorce was officially announced, both Chinese and Korean media continuously focused on Song Hye Kyo appearing publically without her wedding band, speculating a possible divorce. At the time, these rumors were believed to be false.

After the divorce was announced, Sports Chosun reported that the Song couple had begun living separately in September 2018, only 11 months after their wedding. In line with Song Joong Ki’s acquaintance, Song Joong Ki took away from the house they were living in together last September when he began filming Arthdal Chronicles.

According to Newsen, an enclosed claim that Song Hye Kyo has lost approximately 5kg (11lbs) since the start of 2019, thanks to marital stress. Her weight loss reportedly caused her fingers to become too slim for her wedding band.

In addition to her weight loss, her face looked darker and made me worry about her health. She is typically taciturn and doesn’t often speak about her inner thoughts but she recently cried while talking about the hardship associated with her marriage life and it hurt my heart to work out her that way.

ㅡ Insider

An insider also revealed that Song Joong Ki allegedly experienced hair loss during the filming of Arthdal Chronicles thanks to personal stress. As a result, the drama staff members reportedly suspected that the Song couple were having troubles reception.

Song Joong Ki was having a tough time because of personal stress and he was even experiencing drastic hair loss.

ㅡ Insider

Fallout And Rumours Following The Divorce Announcement

Following the news of the divorce, netizens began accusing actor Park Bo Gum of causing it by having an alleged affair with Song Hye Kyo. Park Bo Gum may be a close friend of Song Joong Ki and he co-starred with Song Hye Kyo within the drama Encounter.

Pic 9 - The truth behind Song Song coupleIn response, Park Bo Gum’s agency released an announcement threatening to proceed against people who spread malicious rumors about him. Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki have also threatened to require action at law against those spreading these rumors.

Song Joong Ki’s father has also received unnecessary attention because of the divorce. The house where Song Joong Ki was born wont to display many of Song Joong Ki’s works, including Descendants Of The Sun, but fans noticed that every one traces of Song Hye Kyo were aloof from the house, following news of the divorce.

Pic 10 - The truth behind Song Song couple

Since the house was maintained by Song Joong Ki’s father, news reports have claimed that Song Joong Ki’s father removed his former daughter-in-law from the display. In response, netizens have heavily criticized people who continued to bring Song Joong Ki’s father’s name into the headlines.

Pic 11 - The truth behind Song Song couple

Reports also claim that Song Joong Ki‘s father was unaware of his son’s divorce until it absolutely was announced through the media. He has allegedly been so shocked by the events that he shut himself aloof from everyone by not leaving his house.

Song Joong Ki’s dad was happy the day before [when we were out drinking]. After the news hit, he won’t obtain his phone.

— Song Joong Ki’s Father’s Friend

Here is the truth behind Song Song couple! Don’t forget to catch up with the South Korean celebrity news with us every day!


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