The truth about Yoo In Na’s Plastic Surgery

Let’s compare Yoo In Na pre-debut and now! Has she undergone plastic surgery?

Doing surgery in South Korea could be a quite common occurrence, both for men and ladies there, especially if they add the entertainment world. Agencies in the Republic of Korea require idols or artists to seem perfect before the camera. But before their debut, many idols or artists, who had faces that were considered less attractive to the general public, were asked by their agencies to undergo cosmetic surgery so as to draw in more public attention.

Since the news has spread, many netizens have assumed that each one of South Korean idols and artists have undergone cosmetic surgery, including one of all the actresses from the drama Goblin, Yoo In Na. Yoo In Na is rumored to own done cosmetic surgery on her very beautiful face. There are many photos of her spread through the web before she has done cosmetic surgery. Yoo In Na’s countenance has really changed dramatically.

Now, let’s see Yoo In Na pre-debut photos!

Yoo In Na pre-debut photos

In February 2013, Yoo In Na shocked the virtual world with the spread of photos of her during her school years. the general public was shocked because Yoo In Na’s face looks very different from what it’s like now. ranging from the form of her face, her nose, and eyes, everything looks different.

Many netizens assume that Yoo In-na has certainly done cosmetic surgery to reinforce her face expression thus attracting more public attention. With a brief buzz cut and expressionless face, Yoo In-na’s current girly and female charm is nowhere to be found.

Netizens who’ve seen the photos commented, “She is so young earlier,” “She seems like a unique person,” “I wonder what she gave the look of in high school,” and more. Well, what does one give some thought to this? Her face looks different, right?

In March 2011, on SBS’s One Night in TV Entertainment, Yoo In Na shared her childhood photos. MC Seo Kyung-suk asked, “Yoo In Na, since when are you so beautiful?” To which she honestly replied, “Even I don’t feel that I’m beautiful now.”

The MC laughed and was surprised that the artist was carrying a photograph of her childhood while saying, “I know you may say that, so I bring my very own source!”

Asked to clarify the photo, she then said, “I wasn’t an exquisite student. Seeing how I lost my front teeth during this picture, it’s like this was taken after I was 9 years old. i used to be just a sensible student who likes to travel on various different competitions.”

The MC closed, “You look pretty smart, just like the type who won’t have their lunch money taken from them!”

Yoo In Na’s body measurements

Aside from having an exquisite and charming face, it seems that Yoo In Na also contains a perfect body shape. In fact, many fans are touching on Yoo In Na because of the “pelvis beauty“ for her impressive pelvis that contributes to her amazing S-line body. She is 165 cm tall and weighs 44 kg, which is that the ideal body shape.

Many netizens have commented, “I wonder how she maintains her figure,” “She includes a lot of aegyo and she or he incorporates a good body,” and “I must start my diet straight away.”

Now, let’s see her body measurements!

Yoo In Na is incredibly charming and attractive when attending the red carpet at a happening. within the photo above we are able to see her wearing a protracted dress in bright red revealing her very sexy shoulders. She looks very sexy dressed like this, displaying her very small waist. What does one think? Does it really look sexy?

The second photo shows Yoo In Na in an exceedingly green mini dress. With such a glance, Yoo In-na showed her long legs that made her look very sexy. Yoo In-na really looks good wearing green.

This time, Yoo In-na looks very charming and youthful. She is wearing a silver dress that reveals a part of her legs and sexy shoulders. Her appearance received praise from the netizens, especially combined along with her perfect body shape.

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