The top 20 hottest Korean actors: Who is the first?

hottest korean actors

The top 20 hottest Korean actors in October have been announced. Let’s check the details right now below with us!

The top 20 hottest Korean actors in October have been announced: Kim Seon Ho ranked No.1, Lee Min Ho, Lee Joon Gi, and Hyun Bin are dead the highest 10!

On November 6, supported the results of an internet poll on Nate Pann, the ultimate results also gave a ranking of the highest 20 Korean actors in October 2021. They’re all those who have received lots of attention and support from the public from everywhere around the globe.

The ends up in the rankings are supported votes from netizens likewise as fans by logging in to different social media accounts. After a month of voting, the results are announced as follows:

Kim Seon Ho came in 1st place with 1.1 million votes. Meanwhile, “Nation’s younger brother” Yoo Seung Ho came in 4th and Lee Joon Gi – Hyun Bin came in at 6th -7.

Top 20 preferred male actors in October 2021:

1. Kim Seon Ho

kim seon ho - hottest Korean actors

2. Lee Min Ho

lee min ho

3. Hwang In-Yeop

hwang in yeop

4. Yoo Seung Ho

yoo seung ho

5. Ji Jin Hee

ji jin hee

6. Lee Joon Gi

lee joon gi - hottest Korean actors

7. Hyun Bin

hyun bin

8. Song Seung Hun

song seung hun

9. Kim Soo Hyun

kim soo hyun

10. Kim Woo Bin

kim woo bin - hottest Korean actors

11. Lee Dong Wook

lee dong wook

12. Lee Seung Gi

lee seung gi

13. Son Ho Jun

son ho jun

14. Park Hyung Sik

park hyung sik - hottest Korean actors

15. Kim Nam Gil

kim nam gil

16. Jung Hae In

jung hae in - hottest Korean actors

17. Yoo Ah In

yoo in ah

18. Ji Chang Wook

ji chang wook

19. Park Hae Jin

park hae jin

20. Lee Jong Suk

lee jong suk - hottest Korean actors

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