The second season of ‘Girls High School Mystery Class’ is on the way!

Cover - The second season of 'Girls High School Mystery Class' is on the way!

The second season of Girls High School Mystery Class’ is on the way! Are you excited and expected to do this? Get ready with Xenews! 

After keeping fans on their toes, Girls highschool Mystery Class has confirmed the assembly of its second season at the tip of the primary season.

The final episode of TVING’s original Girls highschool Mystery Class aired on March 19th. The five members of the mysterious class saved Sara Girls’ Highschool from the crisis.

The show’s adventure started with a mysterious group gathered to uncover Sara Girls’ Highschool’s secret. Sara Girls’ High maybe a school during which only the elites of the country can enroll. Producer Jung Jong Yeon, a master of the mystery-entertainment series, took charge of the assembly. And Park Ji Yoon, Jang Do Yeon, Jae Jae, Bibi, and IZ*ONE’s Yena played because of the mystery class’s five members.

While there have been concerns about its platform’s limitations as an OTT content and TVING’s first-ever original entertainment program, the response it got after releasing teaser videos and episode 0 was phenomenal.

Bibi’s presence within the show is especially noteworthy, as she is a new entertainment show. She led the members along with her courage, as she played a fearless leader within the group. Jae Jae, the witty and popular MC, also lent a hand to the mystery team together with her sharp memory. IZ*ONE’s Yena failed to make a solid presence initially, but she pointed to several things that others would miss and established herself because the youngest raises the group’s mood. Skilled entertainer Jang Do Yeon and Park Ji Yoon’s performances within the show were just jaw-dropping.

As if the production’s team efforts paid off, Girls highschool Mystery Class immediately announced the news for its second season on March 20th. Considering that variety shows with female cast members haven’t been exposed to the general public, their success is more pleasant and iconic.

The second season of Girls High School Mystery Class’ is on the way! Don’t forget to catch up with the latest Korean celebrity news with us every day!