“The Red Sleeve” review: The drama is being praised as a must-watch historical drama!

5 reasons why “The Red Sleeve” is stealing viewers’ hearts. Let’s check right now below with us, maybe you want to watch it!

“The Red Sleeve” is about the imperial romance between prince Yi San (played by 2PM’s Lee Junho), who later becomes emperor, and also the strong-willed court lady Seong Deok Im (played by Lee Se Young). The drama’s latest episode achieved its highest ratings yet, and also the drama also became the No. 1 buzzworthy drama for the second week of November.

Below are five reasons why “The Red Sleeve” is captivating viewers!

1. The engrossing story

the red sleeve

“The Red Sleeve” pulled viewers in from the start with its creative spin on the story of real-life historical figures King Jeongjo, the 22nd ruler of the Joseon dynasty (born under the name Yi San), and royal concubine Ui of the Seong clan (Seong Deok Im). the primary episode portrayed the short encounter between young Yi San and young Seong Deok Im furthermore because the pressure Yi San had to endure because the son of Prince Sado (Do Sang Woo) and grandson of King Yeongjo (Lee Deok Hwa). The young Seong Deok Im comforted the tormented young Yi San and marked the start of a fated romance that will unfold within the future. within the second episode, Yi San and Seong Deok Im reunited as adults, and Yi San began to interact with Seong Deok Im while hiding his status because the eldest son of the prince.

2. Lee Junho and Lee Se Young’s acting and chemistry

the red sleeve

Lee Junho and Lee Se Young have caught the audience’s eye with their actions that befits a historical drama. Lee Junho is capturing hearts along with his charming looks, smooth voice, and clear diction, while Lee Se Young impresses along with her elegant appearance and versatile acting abilities. the 2 of them celebrate, youthful chemistry after they have little squabbles, but once they share their real feelings with one another, they create a romantic atmosphere. Episode 2 came to an end with a flash of tension and romance, leaving viewers wondering how their relationship and therefore the story will unfold.

3. Strong supporting actors

The solid acting by actors Kang Hoon (playing Hong Deok Ro), Lee Deok Hwa, Park Ji Young (playing Chief Court Lady), and Jang Hee Jin (playing Queen Jeongsun) also received positive reviews. Kang Hoon made viewers suspicious with the occasional cold gaze he hid behind his bright face, while Lee Deok Hwa made everyone hold their breaths together with his powerful aura. Park Ji Young and Jang Hee Jin also added more dynamic energy to the drama with their presence.

4. The visual art

the red sleeve

As it’s MBC’s first historical drama in two years, the art directors have gone all out for “The Red Sleeve.” the colorful yet refined costumes are created using prime quality textiles, and therefore the rich textures accentuate the wonder of the hanbok. The high winged caps that are representative of the late Joseon era, the braided hairdo is done by court ladies, and other details within the props and costumes are successfully appealing to fans of historical dramas. Scenes like the court ladies’ festival in episode 2 are providing visual entertainment through their beautiful art, costumes, and hair.

5. The luxurious music

Following the drama’s broadcasts, netizens took to the web to praise the conductor. conductor No Hyung Woo, who has experience acting on music for various films and dramas, created lavish music together with various orchestra musicians. Viewers are sharing that the harmonious mixture of traditional and modern elements within the music is amplifying the drama’s soft emotions.

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