“The Penthouse” has revealed new stills

Cover - “The Penthouse” has revealed new stills

Recently, “The Penthouse” has revealed new stills, which made K-drama fans amazed? Are you expected to watch this interesting drama? 

The Penthouse  is set in a 100-floor luxury penthouse apartment and centers around three women: the “queen” of the penthouse Shim Soo Ryun (Lee Ji Ah), the “prima donna” Chun Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon) who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and Oh Yoon Hee (Eugene) who will do anything it takes to get into the world of high society. Recently, “The Penthouse”  has revealed new stills! 

Violent Brawl Between Uhm Ki Joon And Yoon Jong Hoon

Previously on “The Penthouse,” Ha Yoon Cheol (played by Yoon Jong Hoon) discovered that his wife Cheon Seo Jin (played by Kim So Yeon) was having an affair with Joo Dan Te (played by Uhm Ki Joon). As a result of his emotional outburst after seeing them together, Ha Yoon Cheol injured his hand, which in turn led to a grave medical error during surgery.

Cheon Seo Jin was able to use her power to pull some strings and prevent her husband from being punished for the accident, but in exchange, she warned him that he would never able to divorce her unless she agreed. Meanwhile, Lee Gyu Jin (played by Bong Tae Gyu) also learned about Cheon Seo Jin and Joo Dan Te’s affair after finding Min Seol Ah (Jo Soo Min)’s the cell phone and watching the footage she had filmed.

On December 5, the hit drama shared a sneak peek of an explosive brawl between Ha Yoon Cheol and Joo Dan Te from its upcoming episode. After the tensions between the two men finally reach their breaking point, they angrily grab each other by the collar and attempt to exchange blows.

Intriguingly, despite initially trying to break up the fight, Lee Gyu Jin ultimately winds up getting involved himself: one of the photos shows the enraged lawyer throwing something at the other men out of fury. Additionally, the three men are all smartly dressed in tuxedos for a special occasion, raising the question of what caused them to suddenly attack one another during what was intended to be an elegant evening.

Pic 1 - “The Penthouse” has revealed new stills

The producers of “The Penthouse” praised the three actors’ teamwork, commenting, “Although the Hera Club trio is extremely vicious in the drama, thanks to their cheerful and refreshing chemistry off-camera, they always fill the set with smiles and laughter.”

They added, “Please look forward to learning the hidden story behind the fight between these three men.”

Get ready for even more conflict between Kim So Yeon and Yoon Jong Hoon

Previously on the hit SBS drama, which recently soared past the 20 percent mark to achieve its highest viewership ratings yet for its latest episode, the tension between unhappy spouses Cheon Seo Jin (played by Kim So Yeon) and Ha Yoon Cheol (played by Yoon Jong Hoon) finally erupted.

When Ha Yoon Cheol learned that his wife was having an affair with Joo Dan Te (played by Uhm Ki Joon), he attempted to leave her and declared that he would be getting a divorce. But after Cheon Seo Jin used her power to cover up a grave medical error made by Ha Yoon Cheol during surgery and prevent him from being fired, she unapologetically warned her husband that he would never be able to divorce her unless she wanted it.

On the latest episode of “The Penthouse,” however, things took an unexpected turn when Joo Dan Te and the drunk Cheon Seo Jin furtively kissed outside a Hera Palace party. Unable to control his rage, Ha Yoon Cheol attacked Joo Dan Te on his way back inside, and the two men ended up in a violent fistfight. Afterward, Ha Yoon Cheol shocked Cheon Seo Jin by angrily telling her that he had changed his mind and no longer wanted a divorce after all.

“I’ve changed my mind,” he told her. “I won’t divorce you until you die. I don’t care if you see other men. In return, live unhappily as my wife for the rest of your life, and then die.”

In newly released stills from the drama, the unhappy couple faces off yet again as Ha Yoon Cheol confronts Cheon Seo Jin over the ruby ring that links her to Min Seol Ah’s unsolved murder. On the previous episode of “The Penthouse,” the ring was what made Shim Soo Ryeon (played by Lee Ji Ah) convinced that Cheon Seo Jin was the culprit behind Min Seol Ah’s death, raising the question of how it has fallen into Ha Yoon Cheol’s hands and what has led to this latest tense standoff between the spouses.

pic 2 - “The Penthouse” has revealed new stills Pic 3 - “The Penthouse” has revealed new stills

Pic 4 - “The Penthouse” has revealed new stills

The producers of “The Penthouse” praised Kim So Yeon and Yoon Jong Hoon’s acting and chemistry, remarking, “With just one breath, Kim So Yeon and Yoon Jong Hoon give everyone on set goosebumps with their powerful and passionate acting, which imprints itself on the brain. Please keep an eye on the story of Cheon Seo Jin and Ha Yoon Cheol, which will highlight the explosive synergy between the two actors.”

Lee Ji Ah Goes Undercover

In the previous episode, Shim Soo Ryun set out to find the person who killed her daughter, Min Seol Ah (Jo Soo Min). After Min Seol Ah’s death, Shim Soo Ryun found the ring that Chun Seo Jin had thrown away and sent it to her again using the name of Joo Dan Te (Uhm Ki Joon). When Chun Seo Jin let out a terrified scream at the sight of the ring, Shim Soo Ryun became certain that she was indeed her daughter’s killer. However, she was once again thrown into a crisis after Min Seol Ah’s adoptive brother Logan Lee (Park Eun Suk) threatened to let the penthouse residents know about her relationship.

New stills show Shim Soo Ryun going undercover as she attempts to sneak into a hotel room. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, her face is almost completely obscured. She keeps close to the wall to avoid being seen, and peers cautiously around a door.

Pic 5 - “The Penthouse” has revealed new stills

The preview in the latest episode showed Shim Soo Ryun attacking Logan Lee with some sort of weapon, as well as running into a difficult situation after meeting Joo Dan Te and Oh Yoon Hee. Viewers are curious about the reason why she would be attempting to sneak into a hotel room.

The drama’s production team praised Lee Ji Ah, saying, “Lee Ji Ah is bringing the immersive impact of the drama to a climax due to the emotional depth with which she portrays the character of Shim Soo Ryun.” They also upped the anticipation for the next episode, commenting, “Watch today’s episode to find out how she will catch everyone off guard with her next move.”

“The Penthouse”  has revealed new stills.  Don’t forget to catch up with the Korean movie news with us every day!