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“The Fabulous” released a new teaser!

Watch “The Fabulous” teaser as Chae Soo Bin, Minho, and others struggle to survive the demanding fashion industry

A new teaser for the upcoming series “The Fabulous” has been released!

The labor, love, romance, and friendships of young people who have poured themselves into the fashion industry are the subject of “The Fabulous.” It will show their battles for survival in the cutthroat fashion industry as well as their flamboyant and passionate day-to-day existence in the most fashionable sector of the country.

the fabulous

The manager of a PR firm for premium companies, Pyo Ji Eun, is played by Chae Soo Bin. She has always been attracted to attractive things and struggles to make it in the fashion world, which is something she has always wanted to be a part of.

Ji Woo Min, a self-employed picture retoucher who has both good looks and skills, is portrayed by SHINee’s Minho. He lacks enthusiasm, and he doesn’t tend to be a person who is tied down by either work or love. He keeps up a relationship with Pyo Ji Eun that oscillates between friendship and the start of a romance.

the fabulous

There are those who shine in secret places, the trailer’s opening narration declares. Today’s new fashion is a result of them. The four young people, who are pursuing jobs as marketers, photographers, designers, and models, struggle with demanding celebrity, despair in the unexpected downpour, and live as D-class citizens. They cling to their principles and give it their all in both their career and romantic life, even when they get bumped, dumped, or stumped.

On November 4, “The Fabulous” will make its debut.

View the complete teaser below!

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