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“The Empire” shares new stills about family gathering!

In “The Empire,” Kim Sun Ah’s family of legal royalty tries to protect her son from being falsely accused of murder

Prepare for a high-powered family gathering on “The Empire” on JTBC!

The drama “The Empire” explores the private lives and sinister secrets of the overly ambitious “royalty” who preside over Korea’s most esteemed legal establishments. Han Hye Ryul, the ambitious and knowledgeable chief of the Special Branch of the Central District Prosecutors’ Office, is portrayed by Kim Sun Ah. Han Hye Ryul comes from a strong and affluent family. In the movie, Ahn Jae Wook plays her husband Na Geun Woo, a professor of law who is about to run for president.


On an earlier episode of “The Empire,” law student Hong Nan Hee (Joo Se Bin) passed away and made headlines across the country. Han Kang Baek (Kwon Ji Woo), the boyfriend of Hong Nan Hee, became the focus of public attention as a leading suspect in her murder despite the lack of any proof of his involvement.

Han Kang Baek’s wealthy family was willing to use any means necessary to protect him, but the rebellious and despondent student was resolved to escape his domineering family at all costs, even if it meant seeming as a murderer in the eyes of the general public.

The family of Han Kang Baek gathers for an emergency meeting to discuss how to rescue him in recently released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode. With Ham Kwang Jeon (Lee Mi Sook) and Han Geon Do (Song Young Chang) also present, Ham Min Heon (Shin Goo) conducts the conversation in a tough, level-headed manner.

Han Hye Ryul and Na Geun Woo, who have been at odds for some time, momentarily put down their weapons and worked together to defend their son when he was summoned for questioning.

The Empire

The Empire The Empire The Empire The Empire

Watch the upcoming episode of “The Empire” on November 6 at 10:30 p.m. KST to learn how Han Kang Baek’s wealthy family will handle this dilemma!

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