“The Devil Judge” has shared another teaser

Cover - “The Devil Judge” has shared another teaser

“The Devil Judge”  has shared another teaser for their highly anticipated! Are you expected to watch this upcoming drama?

“The Devil Judge” takes place in an alternate-universe dystopian Korea where the entire nation participates in a live broadcast courtroom show. Ji Sung stars as the titular “devil judge,” Kang Yo Han. Is he a hero of the people in chaotic times or is he a devil who wears the mask of the law? GOT7’s Jinyoung co-stars as Kim Ga On, an associate judge, who gets suspicious about head judge Kang Yo Han’s motives and methods. Kim Min Jung co-stars as Jung Sun Ah, Kang Yo Han’s nemesis and the executive director of the social responsibility foundation. Recently, “The Devil Judge” has shared another teaser!

In the teaser, Kang Yo Han and Kim Ga On clash over their differing opinions on justice. Kim Ga On questions whether justice is being served as long as the final verdict is correct. Kang Yo Han asks, “You think the process should be just as well?” and Kim Ga On retorts, “Of course. That’s what the law and the trial is all about.”

Meanwhile, Jung Sun Ah sets her sights on Kang Yo Han. Dressed in beautiful clothes, she waltzes through his life in the courtroom and in glittering ballrooms, and she lies on her couch and murmurs to herself, “Is it true that he has nothing to protect? I’ll have to find out.”

However, there are also more dangerous stakes at hand. Kim Ga On and Kang Yo Han are both involved in physical altercations, whether it’s in a street fight or a traffic stop, or at a site of the disaster. At one point, Kim Ga On sits helpless in the path of a children’s bus as Kang Yo Han aims a rifle.

Check out the preview below!

“The Devil Judge” premieres on July 3 at 9 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki. Don’t forget to catch up with the K-drama news with us every day!