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The Crowned Clown follows the story of a king (Yeo Jin Goo) who fears for his life so he brings a kind look-a-like clown (Yeo Jin Goo) to face sure him. because the clown tries to shield the throne and therefore the people, he also draws the affections of the queen (Lee Se Young) who warms up to his improved personality.

I have really been looking forward to The Crowned Clown just about since it absolutely was first announced. A historical with Yeo Jin Goo in dual roles as a villainous king and a sweet clown is just about what I’d want from a drama. It’s the most effective of both worlds!

The Crowned Clown” main characters

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 First, Yeo Jin Goo plays King Yi Heon. he’s a small amount unhinged and lives in paranoia as his life is being threatened by unknown enemies. He gets an opening when the clown Ha Seon takes his place, but even that it’s not enough to stay him sane.

Pic 2 - The Crowned Clown reviewYeo Jin Goo’s second and main role is that of the poor clown Ha Seon. He’s a good-natured man who cares for those around him. Although he’s unwillingly thrust into the role of king, he takes the position seriously and needs to try and do what’s best for the people additionally as his queen.

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Lee Se Young is Queen Yoo So Yoon. She doesn’t love palace life and has kept far between her and therefore the king, but she may be a kind and mature woman who does her best because of the Queen. When Ha Seon replaces the important King, she soon finds herself warming up to his kinder personality.

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Then we’ve Kim Sang Kyung because the Chief Royal Secretary Yi Kyu. He’s the one who instigates the switch between the King and also the clown so as to guard the King. he’s involved in many difficult situations as he tries to stay the key and do what’s right for the country.

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And I need to mention our lovable Eunuch Jo (Jang Gwang) who is often right there beside the King/Ha Seon. He proves to not only be a significant help to Ha Seon in learning the way to be a king, but he also becomes an honest friend to him.

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Of course, no history would be complete without our other various baddies. the highest of that list would come with the Left State Minister (Kwon Hae Hyo) and also the Empress Dowager (Jang Young Nam) who are always scheming and causing trouble.

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The Crowned Clown”  Review

The Crowned Clown may be historical that definitely encompasses a flock going for it. First, it had plenty to figure with in terms of making an upscale and well-developed story. It starts with a motivating premise of a switch between the King and therefore the clown and everyone that the clown has got to fits within the palace.

There was also much palace intrigue including someone bent on killing the King. Of course, which means there was a good amount of palace politics. I don’t love lots of politics, so I did find a number of it to be a small amount slow, but most of it had been pretty intriguing.

The production as an entire is superb from the script to the direction. The cinematography was lovely and therefore the background music was beautiful and chosen perfectly to line the mood of every scene.

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All of the actors within the drama were just wonderful! after all, Yeo Jin Goo is phenomenal as always. I knew the second he was cast that he would do ample justice to playing two very different roles. And he makes each character completely distinct.

He really sells the King who may be a touch crazy. I used to be in awe of his intensity. He lives in constant paranoia while being captivated with drugs, and his temper is sort of scary too. While he isn’t a really appealing character, the story that led him to where he’s now could be quite sad.


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Count me as surprised that he lands up dying halfway through the series. i believed we might get some more conflict between him and Ha Seon especially because the scenes featuring them together were always so intense and emotionally charged. I definitely wasn’t expecting him to travel so soon. His death scene was the time I felt the foremost pity for him as his fear really had driven him mad, and it had been quite sad.


Pic 11 - The Crowned Clown review  Then Yeo Jin Goo was with great care sweet and type as Ha Seon. I loved progressing to see his bright smile and cheerful spirit. But his acting talents were also on full display during this role. Ha Seon goes through some incredibly difficult challenges. The turmoil he experiences both personally and while trying to be an honest king is beautifully conveyed by Yeo Jin Goo.

Ha Seon goes through some serious difficulties. He’s forced to go away with his loved ones to pretend to be king, he should put his all into to form sure he’s believable, he falls for Queen So Yoon and needs to handle his guilt of deceiving her, and his life is on the road. there’s just a full lot of pressure and heartache for our poor clown!

Pic 12 - The Crowned Clown reviewUltimately, he just wants to be a decent King. He tries his best to grasp the wants of the people and do what he can for them. this can be what sets him except for the 000 King and draws everyone around him closer to him. His warmth and caring are very clear which is what saves him despite participating in such a giant deception.

Seriously though, Yeo Jin Goo is simply such a nuanced actor who has had talent well beyond his years since he was a toddler. He’s still very young, but he’s one of every of the most effective actors around. Everything he touches is gold in my opinion. Fantastic performance!

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The romance between Ha Seon then Yoon was with great care sweet. She always kept her distance from the King, but after Ha Seon takes his place, his personality suddenly becomes much softer and more appealing.

Then she just warmed right up to his kinder personality while being completely unaware that he wasn’t the 000 king. This allowed her to fall infatuated pretty hard. I loved how Ha Seon had this adorable awkwardness yet was substantially desperate to make her happy. The pair had this really lovely and cozy chemistry.

Of course, she eventually starts to note him seeming to act strange as he and also the King switched places moreover as when Ha Seon just seems different from the King she knew. Lee Se Young really did this character justice and delivered to live the various emotions that So Yoon goes through from falling infatuated to having to cope with the devastating truth about the King and also the switch. She was just wonderful!

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The other important relationship is that of Ha Seon and Chief Royal Secretary Yi Kyu. Things embark pretty tensely between the pair, but Ha Seon has got to depend upon him to survive within the palace.

The Chief Royal Secretary takes quite a while to essentially warm up to Ha Seon, but eventually, he sees just how good of a person Ha Seon is and the way much he cares for the people. that enables the Royal Secretary and Ha Seon to possess a far more meaningful relationship.

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The Crowned Clown really tied everything together quite nicely with its talented actors, script, and direction to form a beautiful story that was crammed with intrigue, romance, and heart. All in all, that creates a fairly good history.

My Rating: 8/10

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