The cast of “Goblin” after 5 years, where are they now?

The cast of “Goblin” have re-appeared after 5 years, but they all lost: Kim Go Eun has a bomb rating, Gong Yoo’s movies are also bad.

5 years ago, the Korean screen released Goblin – one of the icons of Korean movies in 2016, with a perfect cast, from main to supporting. Without an appointment, this year all 4 main actors of the film have re-appeared at the same time, unfortunately, compared to the blockbuster of the day, the current results they received are not impressive enough.



1. Kim Go Eun

kim go eun

Kim Go Eun this year has a comeback with the gentle melodrama Yumi’s Cells. Apart from having an interesting combination of animation and live-action, this film is nothing special compared to all the previous works of the actress. The poor rating of only about 2% also makes this a rare failure of tvN this year. Of course, Kim Go Eun’s name couldn’t break through after this movie.

2. Gong Yoo

gong yoo

During the past 5 years, Gong Yoo has not received any more dramas, but his name has always been among the top in the land of kimchi. This year, after a very noticeable cameo role in the super blockbuster Squid Game, Gong Yoo officially reappeared in the sci-fi series The Silent Sea, unfortunately this film is receiving a lot of mixed reviews and does not achieve success. achieved positive results like many Korean Netflix movies this year.

3. Lee Dong Wook

lee dong wook

Better than Kim Go Eun when Lee Dong Wook‘s new movie Bad And Czary is quite noticeable for its humorous and cool content. This is also a film that brings a very new Lee Dong Wook, no longer a quite handsome man with a “more beautiful than flowers” appearance. Unfortunately, Bad And Czary does not seem to be a project that tvN pays too much attention to when it is not heavily PR, must be famous in the style of “self-reliance”. In the midst of the time when the stations were racing at the end of the year, Bad And Czary, although good, was not really noticed, making Lee Dong Wook’s comeback also become dull.

4. Yoo In Na

yoo in na

If all 3 remaining pieces have themselves the main role this year, Yoo In Na will continue to be a supporting woman. This time, she reappeared in the most marketable project of the year – Snowdrop. With an interesting supporting role, Yoo In Na would have received more attention if the film had not been involved in the scandal of being washed by Koreans. Not to mention the attraction of the female lead – Jisoo (BLACKPINK) – is so great that Yoo In Na has not received much attention.

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