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The Cast Of “Boys Over Flowers” After 11 Years

Boys Over Flowers is a South Korean television series that aired for 25 episodes on KBS2 from January 5 to March 31, 2009. Here are the cast of “Boys Over Flowers” after 11 years.

#1. Lee Min Ho (as Goo Joon Pyo)

Lee Min Ho (as Goo Joon Pyo)

Besides becoming Asia’s heartthrob, Lee Min Ho has become a seasoned actor of high acclaim in the years since his breakout role as Goo Joon Pyo. He landed leading roles in hugely popular dramas City Hunter, Personal Taste, Faith, Heirs and Legend of the Blue Sea. His first leading role in a movie was in the 2015 film Gangnam Blues, followed by his first China-produced film Bounty Hunters.

Lee Min Ho was confirmed to be dating his City Hunters co-star Park Min Young

In 2011, Lee Min Ho was confirmed to be dating his City Hunters co-star Park Min Young, but the relationship lasted less than a year. From 2015-2017, his public relationship with Suzy was the hot topic, but since the now infamous breakup he has laid low.

In 2019, Lee was cast alongside Kim Go-eun in the SBS broadcast and Netflix distributed romantic-fantasy drama The King: Eternal Monarch written by The Heirs writer Kim Eun-sook. Despite hailing as one of the most anticipated series in the first half of 2020 due to its ensemble cast, renowned screenwriter, extensive publicity and more than 30 billion Won (US$25 million) production budget, the series received criticisms for its screenplay, direction and performances, leading to lower-than-expected domestic popularity in Korea. Contrary to that, the series was termed as a “hit Netflix drama” by GMA News Online, and South China Morning Post also mentioned it as a “hit Korean drama series” due to its popularity overseas.

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#2. Gu Hye Sun (as Geum Jan Di)

Gu Hye Sun (as Geum Jan Di)

Since her role as the lead character on the series, her resume has expanded to include actress, singer-songwriter, movie director, producer, and author. She wrote and directed the films Magic, Fragments of Sweet Memories, and Daughter. Gu Hye Sun’s company Gu Hye Sun Film was established in 2011, and her movie The Peach Tree was the first project made under the company. The star composed the soundtrack for the film and released a book based on the movie. Her best-selling book Tango was a semi-autobiographical novel. She also starred in dramas Take Care of Us, Captain, Angel Eyes and Blood.

In 2014, Gu Hye Sun released her fifth directed film, Daughter. Not only did she took part in producing, script-writing and directing of the movie, she also plays the main character as a mother who gives her daughter an oppressive corporal punishment. The film aims to address and make known to society the problems of child abuse. Daughter was invited to Busan International Film Festival

Gu Hye Sun married her Blood co-star Ahn Jae Hyun in 2016

Gu Hye Sun married her Blood co-star Ahn Jae Hyun in 2016, after he accidentally confessed his feelings in front of the whole set (he told her she was pretty and a mic picked it up, transmitting it to the entire set) and she kissed him shortly afterwards so that their first kiss onscreen wasn’t their first kiss.

Gu posted an image of text messages between her and her husband

In August 2019, it was reported Ahn requested a divorce from Gu. On August 18, 2019, Gu posted an image of text messages between her and her husband Ahn Jae-hyun discussing divorce to her Instagram account. Another image was posted with a caption that explained she wanted to preserve her marriage, while Ahn did not. The posts were later deleted. Ku suffered numerous malicious comments on social media every time she criticized Ahn publicly. Ahn submitted an application to the Seoul Family Court on September 9, 2019 for divorce against Ku, and it was delivered to Gu on September 18, 2019.

the cast of "Boys Over Flowers" after 11 years (Gu revealed in Instagram)

On September 1, 2019, Gu revealed in Instagram post that she would be taking a break from the entertainment industry to resume college

#3. Kim Hyun Joong (as Yoon Ji Hoon)

the cast of "Boys Over Flowers" after 11 years (Kim Huyn Joong now)

The former SS501 member went on to have a successful solo career with several hit singles and albums in Korea and Japan, and he’s starred in dramas like Playful KissInspiring Generation, and Barefoot Friends. Although they weren’t super popular shows in Korea, Playful Kiss rated really well internationally and Kim Hyun Joong was widely known in Japan.

the cast of "Boys Over Flowers" after 11 years (Kim Huyn Joong 1)

In August 2014, Kim’s girlfriend, identified only by her surname Choi, filed assault charges against Kim, claiming that he repeatedly beat her, causing bruises and broken ribs. Kim denied the charges, saying he had injured Choi only once and that it was an accident that occurred while he was practicing martial arts. Choi dropped some of the charges against Kim in September after he apologized to her. However, Kim was later fined 5 million KRW for injuring Choi, with prosecutors in the case saying, “While Kim claimed that he had no intention of hurting her, the damage from the attack was clear.” This was later rescinded in 2016 when the Republic of Korea’s army and civil courts acquitted Kim of these charges due to evidence that came to light, text messages between Choi, her mother and friends, statements by the director of Dispatch (the tabloid to which Choi provided her evidence) and the statements given by the hospitals visited by Choi.

the cast of "Boys Over Flowers" after 11 years (Kim Huyn Joong)

In February 2015, a magazine reported that Kim and Choi had reunited, and that Choi was pregnant. Kim stated via a press release that he had not seen Choi since she told him that she was pregnant in January, and could not confirm if he was the father.

the cast of "Boys Over Flowers" after 11 years (Kim Huyn Joong 6)

In May, Choi filed a lawsuit against Kim for 1.48 million USD for mental distress caused by her relationship with him, and claimed that his abuse had caused her to miscarry a previous pregnancy in 2014. Kim later filed and won a 100 million KRW counter-suit against Choi for defamation, with the court ruling that there was circumstantial evidence that she was not pregnant in 2014. Her lawsuit was dismissed, and she appealed the decision.

the cast of "Boys Over Flowers" after 11 years (Kim Huyn Joong 5)

In December 2015, a paternity test revealed that Kim was the father of a baby that Choi had given birth to in September of that year.

the cast of "Boys Over Flowers" after 11 years (Kim Huyn Joong 2)

Kim Hyun Joong is probably best known now, unfortunately, for being accused of physical assault against his former girlfriend more than once. He was cleared of several charges in 2016 and has been confirmed for the lead role in upcoming drama That Moment When Time Stops. However, the drama received disappointing viewer rating of 0.1% in its episode. 

the cast of "Boys Over Flowers" after 11 years (Kim Huyn Joong 3)

In March 2017, Kim was charged with drunk driving after police found him passed out in his car at a traffic light in Seoul. His driver’s license was revoked and he was eventually fined 2 million KRW.


Recently, Kim Hyun Joong has also kicked off his Youtube career with Vlogs.

#4. Kim Bum (as So Yi Jung)

the cast of "Boys Over Flowers" after 11 years (Kim Bum1)

The singer and actor had made his acting debut in the hugely popular drama High Kick! and continued on to make fangirls swoon in several dramas since Boys Over Flowers, including Dream, The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, That Winter, The Wind Blows, and Goddess of Fire. He released his first solo album in 2012 to success in Japan. In 2013, Kim Bum had a public romance with his Goddess of Fire co-star Moon Geun Young before they broke up in May 2014.

the cast of "Boys Over Flowers" after 11 years (Kim Bum 2)

He also starred in the Chinese film Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon, which went on to become one of the highest grossing Chinese films in 2013, and led to a successful Chinese acting career. He made a comeback in Korea in 2015 in the thriller Hidden Identity and earlier this year appeared in Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead. 

the cast of "Boys Over Flowers" after 11 years (Kim Bum 3)

On March 29, 2018, it was confirmed that Kim is in a relationship with actress Oh Yeon-seo. However, after a few months of dating they were reported to have parted ways.

#5. Kim Joon (as Song Woo Bin)

the cast of "Boys Over Flowers" after 11 years (Kim Joon 1)

Kim Joon debuted as a singer and rapper in 2007, and his band T-Max sang the theme song for Boys Over Flowers.

the cast of "Boys Over Flowers" after 11 years (Kim Joon 3)

While T-Max disbanded in 2011, Kim Joon continued to join dramas, variety series and movies, notably appearing in Detectives in Trouble, Endless Love and City of the Sun. He enlisted in the military in 2011 and served until 2013, when his career in theatre blossomed, most recently appearing in Yeodo earlier this year.

It was reported in June 2018 that the actor had gotten married in secret in 2015 to his long-time girlfriend, whom he had been dating since before his debut. He also has a young son!

Here are the cast of “Boys Over Flowers” after 11 years. Let’s hope they will have more successful production in the future.




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